Want to have fun with a period sex: It is a high time to focus on the sex period


Want to have fun with a period sex: It is a high time to focus on the sex period

Just because you’re on your period doesn’t mean your sex life has to go backwards. But period sex comes with its own set of challenges.While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with letting your period flag fly, it’s understandable that you have some questions, such as if it’s medically OK, what are the benefits? And the flip side of doing that, and how to get there by recreating a Game of Thrones escape scene in your bedroom.Here’s what you need to know about menstrual sex: the good, the bad, and the messy.Can you have sex during your period?

For the vast majority of people; the answer is yes. “People worry about it, but that’s okay,” Lauren Streicher, MD, professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, tells Health. “From a medical point of view, there’s nothing wrong with having sex while [a person] is on their period.”However, there are a few rare exceptions. “For people who test positive for hepatitis, HIV, or have had STIs, the potential for blood-borne disease transmission goes down,” says Jessica Shepherd, MD, a gynecologist in Texas, at Health. increased by blood”. “Menstrual blood differs from the ‘regular’ blood found in veins and arteries, but still has the potential to be transmissible.” Because the cervix opens more during the month (allowing blood to pass through), your risk of infection also increases, says Tara Ford, assistant physician at the Medical Center for Female Sexuality in Muay, New York. increase.

 All of this to say is that it’s essential to continue wearing a condom if you’re unsure of your partner’s condition.But overall, “medically - for most [people] -- you can have sex during your period,” Mary Jane Minkin, MD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology, tells Health of Gynecology and Reproduction Sciences at Yale Medical School.RELATED: Why Is My Period Late? Could stress be the cause?Can you get pregnant during your period?Technically, yes, but it’s not very common. You’re still rolling the dice if you choose to have unprotected sex during your period, with both the risk of pregnancy and a sexually transmitted infection (STI), so it’s important to use a birth control (and especially condoms with someone you’re not too familiar with) during sex

.Here’s the truth: If you have regular periods and you’re absolutely sure what you’re getting is really your period, “the chances of getting pregnant are close to zero,” says Dr. Streicher. But - and this is a butt - if you have bleeding or bleeding from another cause, it won’t be. “Some [people] may think they have their period because they are bleeding and think it is safe to have unprotected sex,” says Dr. Streicher. “It could be breakthrough bleeding or bleeding during ovulation, you need to be aware of that.”Also important: when you have your period, have sex.

 This means that if you have sex at the end of your period, your partner’s sperm has survived for five days, and you ovulate very early, the chances of getting pregnant are very small, Dr. . “It’s not likely, but possible,” she said.RELATED: Can You Actually Wear This Reusable Menstrual Cup During SexWhat Are the Benefits of Menstrual Cycle Sex?There are actually some benefits to keep in mind when it comes to menstrual sex. First, you may experience less pain if you have sex during that time.

 “Menstrual cramps happen when your uterus contracts to shed its lining,” says Christine Greves, a board-certified gynecologist at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Newborns in Orlando, Florida. in your cycle. “When you have an orgasm, the muscles in your uterus contract,” she told Health. When they are definitely released, one can feel more at ease there, says Dr Greves. At the same time, having an orgasm triggers the release of endorphins, which are thought to have pain-relieving effects, she adds.Sometimes your period can also help you feel more aroused. 

This is because your estrogen and testosterone levels are low on day one of your cycle (the day your period starts), but they start to rise on day three. speak. Your fluid can act as additional lubricant during sex, which can also increase pleasure. If you usually use a store-bought lubricant to help relieve dryness during sex, this could be your week going on naturally.

Sex can also speed up your period. Although it hasn’t been well-studied, in theory, Dr. Streicher says having an orgasm could help your period come out faster and sooner. “It can help lighten your period, simply because it causes your uterus to contract and push that lining out,” she says.RELATED: Can You Get Pregnant Without Having Sex? The answer may surprise youAre there any downsides to having sex during your period?Of course, there are positives and negatives to everything, including menstrual sex. Some drawbacks, such as disorders, clearer than other factors. Having sex on your rules increases your risk and your partner ends a little blood at the end. 

“The disorder factor is a big drawback,” Dr. Stre Rich said.is also important: while sex on your rules can help in lubrication parts, only when you don’t use buffers for a while. If you have finally unplugged a buffer right before sex possible, it may have disassembled some of your natural lubrication and dry you. “You may need extra lubrication,” says Dr. Greves. (Fortunately, this is where lubrication comes in).RELATED: The Most Common Sexual Injuries And How To Treat Them How To Have The Best Sex Period Possible Sure, You Just Have To Have Sex Periodic And Solve It Decide the consequences, but a little extra preparation can make that experience even more pleasant and comfortable – and cleaning up less afterward is never a bad thing.

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