What are the secrets to making a relationship last long?

 What are the secrets to making a relationship last long?

“The beginning of love is the will to let those we love to be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image.”

~ Thomas Merton

Sincerely, we are all looking forward to it.

An intimate relationship that makes you feel at ease even if you are loved unconditionally. A companion who walks with us on a dangerous journey at the time of life. Someone who can achieve big dreams and goals.

What is the secret to a happy and long-lasting relationship? This timeless question seems to come up at every wedding anniversary and engagement party, but it’s still difficult to pinpoint the exact answer. Couples are dramatically different, and even the best relationships need upbringing and upbringing. If you’re young and in love and thinking of ways to “make it work,” reach out to the happy older couples you know and ask them the secrets of a long-term relationship. If you need more help, use the tips below.

Here it is:

1. Bring 100% to the table

Derek Rydall, the author of Emergency, writes / 50 principles. This may (or may not) be a friendly approach to business, but it’s an absolute disaster awaiting relationships. People who live this way bring 50% of love, do 50% of household chores, pay 50% of invoices, and so on.

When relationships go wrong, such people immediately blame them for not following their partners. But in order for us to have a very strong relationship, we must gladly consider the possibility that what is missing is what we are not giving. We must contribute 100% of our personality, expecting no reward.

2. Greater purpose

Relationships often collapse when relationships and the expectations of others are too high to bear. Our partners must not “complete” us or fulfill all our wishes. We are all finite human beings; no matter how pure our intentions are, we cannot.

Successful relationships are based on a commonly higher purpose. The love between partners must go beyond it.

In my relationship, we experience good transcendental love through love for each other. Our love for each other extends to our children, our friends, and the world. Love, no matter how intimate, should not be limited to just two people.

3. Learn from others

Great marriages don’t just happen. They need some mental, emotional, and social intelligence.

Marriage is difficult, but many couples have successfully overcome their challenges.

Identify two or three relationships that you admire. If you know a couple, interview them. If not, look at them. In fact, you learn more by seeing what they do than they say. If you pay attention long enough, you will gain valuable insights.

4. Unconditional Love

If you withhold love or affection for punishment or manipulation, your love will be poisoned, and you will slowly lose relationships.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take the time if you’re too angry to be with your loved one. However, as the temperament cools and the outlook recovers, we will swiftly work towards forgiveness and reconciliation.

5. Let it go

For intimate relationships, these words of Karen Armstrong are true:

“There is something to forgive almost every day.”

Forgive the bigger ones, who will let go of the little things and accept them. increase. And don’t wait for others to go first.

6. Fight as if you are on the same team (because you are)

Even in the best relationships, there is a significant proportion of fights and disagreements. However, if there is no problem and attacking each other, the relationship is at risk.

Please happily share your feelings without attacking your partner.

Stick to the “I” statement and focus on the actual topic. Fight for the relationship, not against it.

7. Maintaining Personal Borders

Intimate relationships can be misunderstood as a license to trample the personal boundaries of a loved one.

The Bible says, “And they must be one body” (Genesis 2:24), which causes you to hold your partner responsible for your own actions, or they. We do not give permission to ignore the need for privacy.

Maintaining healthy boundaries means taking responsibility for your own actions and respecting the needs of your partner.

8. Be careful and Pay attention

When you’ve been with someone long, it’s easy to take them for granted. We can fall into the trap of assuming that the relationship will cherish itself.

Maybe you stopped being voluntary with your partner. Maybe you stop going on a date or say “I love you”.

You may be reluctant at first, but this is a very dangerous situation. It’s like falling asleep behind a car on a public road. We make ourselves comfortable. Partners stop paying attention. They fall asleep. Then it crashes.

Please, intentionally. Control the wheels so you can take your relationship where it wants to be.

9. Abandoning Emergency Response Plans

Making a lifelong promise to someone is one of the scariest things you can do. However, many of us are ready to develop emergency response plans, form these alliances, and take action at the first signs of a problem.

Issues are guaranteed in the long term. If you need a lasting relationship, choose to continue the course in the event of a problem.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to stay in a dangerous situation. It means understanding that the difficulties of relationships are regular. By working together, you can overcome challenges.

10. Choose who you really want to commit

You need two people to build a lasting relationship, and you are one of them.

Some girls say that chemistry can develop over time, even without sparks. They decide to trust their heads rather than their sexual desires and choose to be with someone because it seems reasonable.

You can see when something doesn’t feel right. Follow your heart, listen to your instincts, trust your gut sensations, and aim for it!

At the end

For us humans, a relationship is like mental oxygen. Without them, we would die. When our relationship fails, we suffer. But when they are healthy, we prosper.

Fully devoted to your most important ground relationships.

May you be solid. And may the love you share bless the world that desperately needs love.

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