What should I do if I think I’ve been drugged and raped?

What should I do if I think I’ve been drugged and raped?


Protect yourself by refusing drinks from others, avoiding sharing drinks, keeping an eye on your drink, and having a non-drinking companion with you. If you believe you have been sexually assaulted or have been exposed to a date rape drug, call your local helpline number and go to the emergency room immediately. 

Tips to avoid date rape drugs

A few pointers can help you be safe while you are out and about:

1. Make your own drinks. Open containers with the potential to be spiked, such as punch bowls, should be avoided. Do not accept drinks from strangers.

2. Always keep your drinking under control.

3. Carry your drink with you, even if it means taking it to the bathroom.

4. Avoid consuming huge amounts of alcohol in the presence of strangers.

5. Never leave with a stranger, especially if you have had a few drinks.

6. Anything that tastes weird should be avoided.

7. Maintain contact with your friends. If you start to feel strange, seek their help.

8. Keep an eye out for who is in the room. This includes keeping an eye out for other prospective victims as well as anyone who appears incoherent or oblivious of her surroundings. Stay away from anyone who appears suspicious or predatory, and keep an eye on how close they come to people and drinks.

9. Keep track of the drugs and alcohol you and others are using. In a similar manner, never accept substances, even alcohol from someone you do not know.

What to do

Because it is possible to lose consciousness rapidly, one should not waste time looking for the perpetrator or determining whether their symptoms are those of a date rape drug. Instead, they should tell a trustworthy friend right away that they think they have been drugged. They or a friend should call for immediate assistance and then go to a safe location. They may want to get a ride home from a friend or travel to a public spot to report the drugging. Call the police or have someone you trust to take you to the emergency room if you fear you have been drugged and raped. Try not to use the bathroom, douche, bathe, wash your hands or change clothes before going to the hospital because the authorities will collect any evidence they can.

They should then seek emergency medical attention. Inform the medical team of the situation. Within a few hours, date rape drugs can disappear from the body, leaving no trace. Rohypnol remains in the body for several hours and can be found in urine for up to 72 hours after consumption. GHB takes 12 hours to leave the body. Do not urinate before going to a hospital. Do not pick up or clean up the area where you believe the assault occurred. Evidence may have been left behind, such as in a drinking glass or on bedsheets. As quickly as possible, request a urine test so that they can check for drugs before your body flushes them out. If one goes to the emergency room or calls for help, inform the doctor, nurse, or dispatcher that you think you have been drugged and ask for rapid testing.

Anyone who wakes up with evidence of being drugged should seek immediate medical attention. A rape kit can be used at a hospital to check for signs of sexual assault. This kit can be used to show a perpetrator’s guilt if the police catch them. Showering or bathing should be avoided until after the examination is completed to preserve evidence.

A victim of drugged rape may not realise what has happened for several hours. Because many of these drugs pass through the body in such a short period of time, there may be no way to tell if drugs were used. Whether or not the substance has been eliminated from the body, it is critical to seek help as soon as possible at a hospital or a rape crisis centre.

Someone who suspects they have been the victim of sexual assault should contact their local rape crisis centre. The centre might be able to send a victim advocate to the hospital or provide counselling. Counselling and treatment are available since shame, guilt, fear and shock are common emotions. A counsellor can assist you in processing these feelings and beginning the healing process. 

Recognize the signs of a date rape drug

Be cautious if you have recently accepted a drink from someone else, even a friend, or if you have left your drink unattended. The following are some warning signs to look out for:

1. Despite not having consumed any alcohol, you are feeling tipsy.

2. Feeling disoriented or perplexed.

3. Starting to lose consciousness.

4. After drinking, you cannot remember how you got anywhere and cannot remember anything.

5. Waking up confused, hungover, or unable to recall events from the previous night.

6. Genital or urinary pain, as well as a lack of memory of what occurred.

7. Ripped clothing.

It might be difficult to tell the difference between the effects of a date rape drug and those of alcohol, especially after consuming significant amounts of alcohol. People who are used to the effects of alcohol should think about how they feel after drinking or when intoxicated. An unexplained alteration in a person’s reaction to alcohol could indicate the presence of a date rape drug. A person who appears to be much more intoxicated than usual should examine the potential of being drugged. The only way to know for sure is to undergo medical testing.

Sexual assault is never your fault, no matter how much alcohol or drugs you consumed. Following that, it is usual to experience a range of emotions. Speak with someone you can rely on. Although date rape is never the responsibility of the victim, many victims feel guilty or ashamed. This shame may hinder people from getting medical help or seeking out support to assist them in their recovery. Rapists are the only ones who commit rape.

When a person suspects they have been drugged or raped, they can defend themselves, assist in catching the culprit, and possibly lessen the hazardous effects of date rape drugs by responding fast. Even if you cannot get medical help right away, it is critical to surround yourself with people who can keep an eye on you in the hours and days following the incident. People should be conscious of changing emotions as they absorb the experience in the days ahead. After a period of shock or numbness, relief at having survived may give way to anger or sadness at the knowledge of having been assaulted. People should understand that reactions are personal and everyone can have their own intoxicated experience, some may find it far more difficult to integrate into their lives and move on.

Being drug can be a frightening and life-altering experience. After being drugged, many people experience severe mental and emotional consequences. It can be tough to trust and feel safe around others. It is critical to speak with a psychologist after being drugged to discuss the experience. Healing from rape is never simple, but taking all necessary actions to ensure that the rapist is apprehended and sentenced, as well as receiving the love, support, and skills training that you require, will aid your recovery.


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