Poland’s Plan to Record all pregnancies Sparks concerns


Poland’s Plan to Record all pregnancies Sparks concerns

Poland’s Health Ministry planned a concept to formally register every maternity, a leader reported, sparking issues themove would result in Pregnant Polish Women “under surveillance” and break down on abortions performed abroad.

The decree, written in Oct by the Polish Ministry of Health, was created public last week by opposition MP Krzysztof Brejza (PO).

Under the planned changes, pregnant women in Republic of Poland who receive any quite treatment would have to be compelled to have their maternity registered into the Medical system (SIM), a national information to keep track of patients medical records.

The goal is to avoid prescribing medicines that aren't counselled throughout maternity and, within the case of providing life-saving treatment, within the event of inability to get info from the patient, the Health Ministry said.

In addition, the employment of knowledge concerning maternity is critical to verify additional services, like receiving free medication or the proper priority, access to health services.

But critics have raised issues the move would place pregnant Polish women under surveillance from health authorities, who would be ready to grasp whether or not they terminated giving birth or receiving an abortion.

While the Republic of Poland already had one of the strictest abortion laws in Europe, a court ruling last year declared it illegal to have an abortion in cases of fetal defects, introducing a near-total ban on abortions that are currently permissible in cases of rape incest, or once the mother’s life is in danger.

As a result, several Polish women decide on unsafe secret abortions, or travel abroad – as well to European nation, Slovakia, Germany, or Oesterreich – to terminate their maternity.

Both cases may, below the obligatory registration planned by the Polish Health Ministry, be tracked down and monitored. It remains unclear, however, whether or not state prosecutors would be ready to access the written record. The authorities may use [the registry] to pursue women who go abroad to terminate a pregnancy.

Earlier this year, Polish officers had urged authorities in neighbour European nations to take necessary measures to put an end to “abortion tourism” and keep Polish women from terminating their pregnancy across the border. The request was not considered by the Czech government.

The death,  of 30-year-old Izabela in the southern Republic of Poland when doctors delayed a potentially life-saving abortion, was the primary to appear to the ruling, drawing tens of thousands of Poles within the street to protest the government’s restrictions.

Several European countries, as well as Belgium and also the Netherlands, have already planned plans to fund and facilitate abortions for Polish women unable to receive such operations at home.

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