Why is Gender Quality important in 2022?


Why is Gender Quality important in 2022?

Everybody has witnessed the existing differences and unequal treatment happening between men and women for a prolonged time. We have seen that women are suppressed when they try to raise their voices to keep their point of view in front. This ongoing pattern of inequality between men and women is a big hindrance in the path of development and growth of our society. But how does it affect us? It affects us by curbing the opportunities of one-half of the nation. Here, when women are prohibited from gaining to their full capacity, the potential gets lost as a whole to the society and not only for the women. Nobody can deny the fact that gender equality contributes to making out society safe as a whole. 

In this article today, you are going to get a brief about why gender equality is crucial for the world in 2022? 

Basics of Gender Equality, 2022

Gender equality is completely associated with sustainable economic growth. Gender equality is important in 2022 so that men, as well as women, can fully enjoy equal rights and opportunities. Particularly talking about the field of development programs as well as the population, taking the right measures toward gender equality will ensure the optimistic decision-making of men and women concerning their reproductive health. Gender inequality is undoubtedly one of the major causes that promote violence and destruction of women. 

Once gender equality is attained, several existing issues will get demolished like early marriage, killing girl child, not using protection, not getting equal work opportunities as much as men, etc. Gender equality does not state that women and men get the same appearance or something like that. Indeed, it means that both genders should have equal access to all the available opportunities and rights irrespective of their gender. Countries that have higher levels of gender equality are more connected to each other. The people in such countries stay safe, healthy, and experience better overall well-being. 


Why is Gender Equality important in 2022?

There exists several reasons that accompany the fact that gender equality plays a major role in our lives. Here is an elaborate list of reasons - 

Helps in Economic Growth: All people should understand that our economy can not grow without attaining gender equality. Even researchers have proven that if women get equal opportunities as men, then it contributes positively to economic growth. Reducing gender pay gaps will reduce the cost to the economy. The economy can never grow to new heights without treating men and women equally. 

Curtails Poverty: Women face a high poverty rate as compared to men. It is because women are seen as somebody who will get married and go to another house so society thinks it's irrelevant to educate women as a whole. That's why they lack the right education and due to which they don't get any work once they are married. Gender equality will allow equal education opportunities for women to reduce poverty among them. 

Enhanced Healthcare Support: According to various research conducted online in the last few years, women get less medical support compared to men. Women, especially in low-income countries, face a hard time getting the proper medical facilities, especially during their menstrual week and pregnancy. Not having access to medical facilities many times leads to malnourished childbirth.  Gender equality ensures that every female gets proper medical care and support. 

Plays a Vital Role in Legal Protection: Several women are either unaware of their legal rights or don't know how to implement them in real life. There are several things she goes through and there are no legal remedies for the same. Attaining gender equality ensures that women are safe from violence and sexual harassment with proper legal solutions in place. It will indeed let them live freely without any fear leading to a better life ahead. 

Support Businesses: Women are often neglected when it comes to participating in business meetings and creative ideas. We have seen that women get fewer opportunities in jobs and businesses due to gender inequality. Women hold the potential to reshape any business by putting their minds to it. Attaining gender equality will solve this problem because there exist certain business problems that women are a pro at solving. 


Better Wellbeing of Children: According to the research, women spent 90% of their income on providing better food and lifestyle to their children. Also, she can decide when she is ready to conceive a baby financially, mentally, and emotionally when there is gender equality. It will help children to eat better, study better and get a better upbringing where they are made familiar with all the latest technologies and tools. It will reduce the infant mortality rate as well. 

Life Savior: Women face several threats due to the lack of empowerment. Gender equality promises to give them a voice so that they can protect themselves on their own. It educates women regarding their rights and how well they can use them appropriately at the right time. Moreover, natural disasters are a major cause of women's death. So, if they are given the right training, they will also be able to save their lives during such unexpected calamities. 


Promotes Racial Equality: Equality associated with gender and race has a close correlation. It's because the gender pay gap is mostly based upon the race of a person. We can not deny the fact that Asian women and white women have more earning opportunities and better incomes as compared to black women. Improving gender equality will also enhance race equality. 

Key Takeaways 

We can not deny the fact that while talking about gender inequality, majorly the gender that suffers from it is women. Women suffer while presenting their voice in the right decision-making and grabbing a deserving seat. They also suffer in terms of obtaining entry to all the social and economical resources. Achieving gender equality will solve several problems all at once leading to a safer, nicer, and upgraded environment.   



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