Started Dating Recently? It might be fun to watch these films together


Started Dating Recently? It might be fun to watch these films together

Being in love is a brand-new, tingling, warming sensation. You and your spouse may occasionally find yourselves planning fun activities to do together. Going on a date, getting to know one another's friends, visiting theme parks together, going shopping, and many other activities could be included. However, interacting with others and hanging around might occasionally become tiresome. You can just remain home at these times, cuddle up under a blanket, and watch some romantic movies with your partner.

Five feel-good movies that you can watch together have been compiled by us.

1. Up

It is a wonderful tale about community and the effects of sustained friendship. The plot centres on a 78-year-old widower and balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner), who battles to save the home where he and his wife shared a happy life.

2. To All The Boys I Have Loved Before

During her time in high school, Lara Jean writes messages to a couple of boys, but she decides not to put them online. When her younger sister decides to publish them in an effort to obtain Lara Jean a boyfriend, things take an outrageous turn. In the midst of her uncertainties and search for Mr. Right, Lara Jean discovers him at her high school.

3. Friends With Benefits

Two strangers who became friends decide to "enjoy some fun without any emotional links and baggage" when romance and commitment become too complex. They eventually fall in love with one other, proving that their strategy is a failure.

4. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

It is perhaps one of the best films that explain how a close friendship can coexist with a romantic connection. This movie is +1 if you're dating your best friend!

5. Okay Jaanu

A modern, career-driven couple manages both their love and their union concurrently. It's entertaining to see how their love story develops.

Along with being enjoyable, watching movies together will help you two connect, bond, and share warmth.

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