Hello Lovely ladies. This article will suggest to you the most essential, sustainable, and less expensive products for your hygiene. There is a popular myth circulating in society that sustainable products are highly expensive. Myth busted - No they are not!

Hygi ne refers to all over the hygiene of your body, not only specified ones. So it’s necessary to take care of your whole body. There are many products available that are sustainable which help you to take care of your body and environment too.

Some of the basic and needed products that are environment-friendly are mentioned below:


The primary need for hygiene begins with your oral health. You can switch to a wooden or bamboo toothbrush, or an electric toothbrush. But you should be very careful while buying one, choose the best quality product and buy once and you are good to go for several months.

This small change can result in saving many plastic toothbrushes from  turning into land filled with non-compostable plastic.


 Toothpastes are equally important to consider , you can buy sustainable toothpastes from online which comes in biodegradable  packages. You can buy toothpaste taps as they are  zero-waste products. There are many tooth creams that act as normal toothpaste are available now-a-days.You can try DIY toothpaste with simple ingredients.There are many tooth powders that are very easy to prepare and you store them for several months and use it for your oral hygiene.


Many people think tongue cleaners are not important, but it’s not right,

They are equally important. They remove the dirt and bacterial build-up on the surface of the tongue.

Steel tongue cleaners are best to use, they are sustainable and good to use. They need to be maintained clean and dry.

BODY CARE:This category includes over-all body care products that you need to take care of your hygiene.



The most essential component of body care is ‘SOAP’. Many people use soaps to clean themselves. There are many vegan,sustainable soap brands in the market and you can choose your soap according to your needs. FACE WASHES: 

Many of the people out there love using facewash for faces.

Most of the face washes come in plastic packs, and consist of chemicals.Face Washes offers better cleaning and keeps dirt far away from the face which leads to a hygienic face.

But there are some environmentally-friendly companies that manufacture sustainable,vegan,non-polluting face washes that work in the perfect way for taking care of your face and environment. There are so many traditional edible powders too that work and  give you best results, as they tried and tested practice followed from ages.

There are new launches that are available in the form of sustainable facewash concentrate which are easily affordable.


Many people prefer body washes to bath. There are so many different types of body washes which are not polluting , and leave no residues.

You can search for such kinds of body washes and take care of your body hygiene.


 Shampoos are not sustainable, and contain many toxic chemicals and fragrances. There are many alternative healthier,sustainable switches you can make to take care of mane. ‘Shampoo bars’ are the best solution and option. 

             You can choose toxic-free shampoos that come in decomposable, recyclable           

packs.There are shampoo powders that work 

similar to shampoos and they are easy to prepare and healthy for your hair and easily available in markets both online and offline.


 Scrubs are the best way to pamper yourself and maintain a hygienic body. Body scrubs are easy-peasy to make and use. There are numerous body scrubs videos-making. You can explore,experiment more with body scrubs- DIY are non-residue leaving scrubs made with natural oils, and edible items.


The famous talk of the period town , savior for many women, teenagers - menstrual cup. Many women use menstrual cups for their periods and their experiences are mostly positive and happy results giving, so that makes this a good product to suggest and a must use product.

This is sustainable and saves a lot of money. It is a one time investment and you can obtain benefits for a long period of time. At the same time it is very hygienic when compared to others.

Try this out for mess-free, sustainable periods next time!


 Bad odor is definitely  a sign of poor hygiene.There are multiple deodorants that are sustainable to use. There are so many DIY instructions that can  help you to make your own sustainable deodorant.


 If you cannot use a Menstrual cup, and wanna switch to a sustainable alternative , you can purchase biodegradable tampons and pads, which are not too expensive. Buy them when they are on sale and you can get good discount deals if you buy them online.


Zero waste generating way to shave your body hair, is to opt for steel razors. You can use epilators too. There are many wax recipes you can try out  for waxing your body hair. Non-toxic , compostable wax can be chosen as well. 

WOODEN COMB: Good quality neem wood comb is best for your healthy scalp and hair.

Wooden combs are sustainable and have advantages too. It removes the use of plastic combs which is best for the environment and promotes good flow of blood to your scalp and promotes healthy hair and reduces the problem of  scalp hygiene.


Wearing sustainable cloth materials is a great way to take care of our earth ‘s environment and wearing such cleaned hygienic clothes are good for the body and skin as they are breathable and don't cause any allergies too.

After you dispose of them they decompose happily without causing any troubles to the environment.

Wearing natural fabrics and undergarments made up of them is a considerable option you can try without failing your fashion game.

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