The Six Things Women Should Never Wear on A First Date, According to Men.


The Six Things Women Should Never Wear on A First Date, According to Men.


Thanks be to God! You were finally asked out by that hottie from the gym. Is that even possible these days? Debatable. One of your Tinder matches may want to take you out for dinner and drinks, which is a more likely situation. Naturally, you'll spend days preceding up to your date looking through your closet in quest of the perfect clothing.

I can't tell you what you should wear on a first date, but I can tell you what you should definitely avoid wearing when meeting a new guy or gal. Here's my list of strict guidelines for first-date attire, as well as some advice from my single male friends on what to wear.

1. Heels that are so high that you can barely walk in them

Your beloved pumps are undeniably seductive, but what if your date is going swimmingly and he wants to extend the night with a stroll down the boardwalk? Will you limp along, writhing in pain with each step? A first date might take you in unexpected directions. Put on some comfortable sneakers so you'll be ready for anything.

Furthermore, you don't want to make your date feel rushed, especially if this is your first meeting, so high heels aren't a good choice in that regard.

"Don't wear your highest heels since guys are self-conscious about a girl's height." 28-year-old Cory

2. Unflattering garments that are strewn about.

On a first date, it's crucial to be at ease, but you don't want to be too relaxed. This isn't "Netflix and chill," and if it were, it wouldn't be the first date, so you may stop reading now.

The same standards apply to dating as they do to interviews: if you arrive looking like a slob, it will appear that you don't care about or respect your date. Leave your wrinkled tees, soiled jeans, sweatsuits, and yoga trousers at the door.

"I believe something basic, like a gorgeous dress or nice jeans with a shirt and some kind of jewellery, works well — put together but not overpowering." It's best to keep first dates simple. It should just be to get to know someone." -Yianni, 25 years old

3. A skirt or dress that is overly short and will ride up

On your first date, there's nothing wrong with displaying a little leg, but don't wear a skirt or dress that you'll have to keep tugging down all night. You're not going to pay attention to your company if you're worried about your skirt riding up.

"Choose something comfortable to wear. Your body language can be frigid and uncomfortable if you're worried about what you're wearing. Your body language is significantly more warm if you feel comfortable in what you're wearing." Cory's

4. A brand-new attire purchased specifically for the occasion

If you truly have nothing to wear, I suppose you could go out and get something new, but in general, it's better to stick to a tried-and-true look. You never know how new clothes will function until it's too late; your brand-new outfit may be difficult to sit in, accentuate sweat stains, come unbuttoned, or simply be unpleasant. Plus, most guys would like you to be your normal self.

"If it's a casual first date, I'm not expecting the female to go all out and put together a killer dress." When we say casual, we mean it. I'm only going to put on some of my favourite jeans and one of my better tops, so I might look a little strange if the female is over-dressed." 27-year-old Sam

5. Twelve layers of makeup

Obviously, you'll want to conceal your stress pimple and make your lips kissable for your big date, but when it comes to cosmetics, less is absolutely more. Before you become insulted, realise that I'm not passing judgement; I believe you should wear as much makeup as you feel comfortable with. But, in the end, it's a turnoff for guys if they can't see the real you beneath all the make-up.

"Don't overdo it on the makeup." 'Whoa, she's wearing a lot of makeup,' I shouldn't be able to say when I look at you." Cory's

6. Anything that doesn't belong to you

If questioning my male friends about first date clothes taught me anything, it's that some men are jerks who don't take anything seriously. Just joking. (I'm not making this up; I did learn it.)

What I discovered is that guys simply want their dates to feel at ease and be themselves. To wow a guy, you don't have to look like a video vixen or a fashion blogger. You should dress in an oversize cardigan and slim jeans if you feel at ease in them.

"Wear something that makes you feel good. Don't try to impress me by going overboard. I admire you for whatever reason, so you already have the date, right?" 25-year-old Miles

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