Top 10 Korean Drama Couples of All Time


Top 10 Korean Drama Couples of All Time


I became acquainted with many love teams and on-screen couples after watching a lot of Korean dramas. We wish that the leading man and leading lady in a series had real-life chemistry. Here are the best couples and love teams we've seen so far in the plethora of popular Korean dramas. The ones who made our hearts skip a beat, our lips grin, our eyes shine, and our emotions swell.

10. Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye in Heartstrings

Park Shin Hye's endearing friendship with the handsome singer-turned-actor Jung Yong Hwa (of the K-pop boy band CNBLUE) began in the film You're Beautiful, in which Yong Hwa played a guy with hidden feelings for Shin Hye. Their love grew even stronger after they starred in Heartstrings in 2011.

In real life, they are great friends, and they look amazing together. During the press conference for Heartstrings, Yong Hwa acknowledged his feelings toward Shin Hye, saying, "I feel so comfortable around Park." Shin-Hye looks and acts like a member of CNBLUE. She's one of my few celebrity friends, and she's hilarious and laid-back. At the same press conference, Park remarked, "Jung Yong-Hwa and I know so much about each other." I don't think we'd ever be able to start a romantic relationship. They're more like real-life buddies than real-life couples. Who knows when their friendship may reach a new level as time goes on?

9. Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince, the drama's principal actor, is another adorable coupling onscreen. Like a well-balanced cup of coffee, Yoon Eun Hye's cheery demeanour and Gong Yoo's perceptive charisma complement one another. Coffee Prince was a great sensation in Southeast Asia in 2007, with many fans believing that their favourite actor, Han Kyul, would be Eun Chan's prince, not just in the drama world but possibly in real life as well.

Even after the drama's production has through, it's still amazing to witness how good these two are. When Eun Hye was asked to pick her ideal type from among her prior co-stars on SBS's One Night of TV Entertainment, she went with Gong Yoo. Almost every die-hard Coffee Prince fan was satisfied with the outcome! Gong Yoo has recently spoken about how much fun he had while filming the drama. He stated that it had been ten years. I'm not sure if you'll believe me when I say that the drama would have meant just as much to me as it went well or not.

8. Rain and Song Hye Kyo in Full House

These are well-known romantic couples from the 2004 drama-Full House. Everyone will remember the 'Song Hye Kyo - Rain' combination as the cute 'Mama bear and Papa bear' relationship thanks to Hye Kyo's character, who wrote a wonderful song about one happy small family of bears living together,' thanks to Hye Kyo's character, who wrote a wonderful song about one happy small family of bears living together. Even if there are many issues and obstacles, the two played the role of a family living under one roof, as the song suggests.

As one of the first love pairings to touch the hearts of innumerable K-drama fans, these two have never failed to make viewers laugh, cry, and feel love. Many fans will remember their sweet and amusing scenes while listening to the popular OST, 'I Think I Love You,' for the rest of their lives. They won the Best Couple Award at the 2004 KBS Drama Awards for this romantic comedy.

7. Lee Min Ho and Ku Hye Sun in Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers has our lovely MinSun couple, which is another fantastic K-drama. Lee Min Ho, who played the flamboyant Gu Jun Pyo, was attracted to Geum Jan-di at the end. The onscreen couple rose to fame as a result of their flawless portrayal of two young people with loving hearts despite their difficulties.

Ku Hye Sun, the lead actress in the vampire drama series Blood,' recently married Ahn Jae Hyun, who is recognised as her attractive partner in the series. Hye Sun recalled Min Ho's early days in Boys Over Flowers in an interview last year, saying, He [Ahn Jae Hyun] gave off an aura that reminded me of Lee Min Ho when I first met him. It was a very energising feeling. Even though our gorgeous Hye Sun has already married her fiancé, fans of 'Boys Over Flowers' will be reminded of the love and joy that the MinSun couple previously brought to the screen thanks to this.

6. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden

The Secret Garden, starrs the exceedingly gorgeous Hyun Bin and the queen of Korean dramas, Ha Ji Won, is another great drama that is popular among K-drama fans. This drama has become a hit due to its honest, touching, and sympathetic story. Who can forget their passionate on-screen kiss, which has us wondering if they're dating in real life?

According to reports, the two became fast friends while working on this drama. Hyun Bin enjoys spending time with Ha Ji Won in his spare time. In 2014, Ji Won stated that Hyun Bin is the closest among her other actor friends. She also has a hesitant smile on her face whenever she is asked about him. When Hyun Bin was discharged from the military in 2013, he admitted to sending a message to Ji Won. I texted Ha Ji Won after I was discharged from the army, he alleged. Since this confession, their relationship rumours have increased, and many Secret Garden fans are hoping that they will end up together.

5. Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won in Descendants of the Sun

The 'GooWon' couple may not have been the focus of the 2016 popular drama Descendants of the Sun, but their confusing yet adorable love won over many viewers. Kim Ji Won, who played First Lieutenant Yoon Myung Joo, is a fierce and brave character. Except for her one and only man, Seo Dae Young, no one else knows she has a sensitive heart. Their relationship is more mature than the Song-Song couple's 'love-at-first-sight romance,' and the hardships they face just to establish their love are not easy. Many fans say their relationship is significantly more tough than Yoo Si Jin and Kang Mo Yeon's. As a result, many fans believe they are the best second-lead romantic couples in K-drama history.

About 50%," Kim Ji Won says when asked how similar Jin Goo is to his character Seo Dae Young. "He would suddenly transform 100% in Seo Dae Young when we were filming, she continues, but he normally has a boyish charm.  He looks like he does when he's dancing to Red Velvet's 'Dumb Dumb.'

In 2014, Jin Goo married Kim Ji Hye, a non-celebrity girlfriend. They received their first child, a son, in June 2015, and they recently revealed that they are expecting their second child.

4. Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo in Running Man

Despite the fact that 'Running Man' is a variety programme that has been airing since 2010, many people enjoy the Monday Couple due to its hilarious, comical, and sweet combination. They are the best on-screen duo that will make you laugh the hardest you've ever laughed.

HaHa coined the term "Monday Couple" since the two lovebirds are inseparable every Monday (filming day), and it has shown to be effective because, no matter how attractive the male guests are, Song Ji Hyo would always favour Gary on Monday. The couple experienced numerous challenges, including an apparent love triangle including HaHa and Gary's jealousy of Song Joong Ki (in the first episodes).

Gary, on the other hand, taped his final episode on the show on October 31, 2016, in order to focus on his music career. Many fans are disappointed to learn that the Monday Couple will not be around indefinitely. Gary, who is a member of the Leessang hip hop duo, is most known for being the rapper behind the song The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Boy Who Can't Leave, which is the theme song for Monday Couple in Running Man. Song Ji Hyo is a South Korean actress who has appeared in films such as Jumong, A Frozen Flower, and Emergency Couple.

3. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in The Heirs

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye from the drama The Heirs is one of the most popular K-drama couples. Min Ho, who played the rich, intelligent, and charismatic Kim Tan, as well as the innocent-looking Shin Hye, who played Cha Eun Sang, have both performed admirably in the drama. The story follows two ordinary well-off and poor kids who, despite their class differences, fell in love. However, the chemistry between the two was so strong that fans of "The Heirs" couldn't help but wish for them to date in real life.

Fans may have hoped that Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang's romance would continue in real life, but it's fantastic that they're excellent friends who admire each other's acting abilities. Min Ho expressed his feelings for Shin Hye in an interview. I think she's a fantastic castmate, and she is like a younger sister, he remarked. Min Ho, on the other hand, was described by Shin Hye as a man with a strong personality. She explained, Whenever we work together, we laugh around, which makes it comfortable and simple to continue shooting.

2. Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun in My Love From the Star

Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun have established themselves as one of the best couples in K-drama history thanks to their roles as the lead couple in the hugely successful 2013 series My Love From The Star. The incredible connection between Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi, as well as the actor's persuasive performance, has made viewers laugh and cry with each episode. Who can forget the '15 seconds to fall in love challenge' in episode 8 that ended with a lovely kiss? Or is it Do Min Joon's tearful farewell to his Earth-bound girl? They are, indeed, hilarious, serious, and passionate, which drives the audience insane as they feel the surge of love emanating from the small screen.

Many fans are currently hoping that the series will be renewed for a second season. Director Jang Tae Young recently revealed that plans for a second season are already underway after months of rumours and conjecture. Director Jang, on the other hand, stated that the probability of Kim and Jun reprising their lead roles is still uncertain, he explained Kim Soo Hyun is about to join, and Jun Ji Hyun has a new baby. As a result, they will be unable to repeat their roles for the second season.

1. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo in Descendants of the Sun

After Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo's roles as the lead couple in the 2016 hit drama Descendants of the Sun became widely recognised, the Song-Song coupling has become the most popular and hottest couple of the present. Who'd have guessed that Yoo Si Jin, a sweet-looking boy, is actually a tough soldier, and not just any soldier, but a Captain in the Special Forces? Song Joong Ki's performance was so compelling that even non-K-drama fans will fall in love with him. And who'd have guessed that the most attractive doctor is hiding in a terrifying emergency room? Kang Mo Yeon is so powerful that even when she's wearing a mask and a doctor's gown, Yoo Si Jin still thinks she's the sexiest woman in the hospital. They are currently one of the best couples in K-drama history, thanks to their flawless depictions.

Fans are guessing that they are not only dating on the small screen but also dating in real life, due to their excellent chemistry. Rumours that the two are dating have been circulating like wildfire in the forest for quite some time, with the pair having been in the spotlight for quite some time. Their respective agencies, however, rejected the rumours and stated that the two remained close friends. Aside from that, some Song Joong Ki fans object to the term 'Song-Song Couple' being applied to his pairing with Song Hye Kyo because they feel the actual Song-Song Couple is when he was paired with Song Ji Hyo in Running Man. As a result, they're known as the adorable 'Ki-Kyo' Couple.

Bonus: #1: Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

Anyone who has seen the Korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal would immediately identify the relationship between Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In's character. Despite being a member of Joseon's 'Jalgeum Quartet' or F4, Gu Yong Ha (nicknamed Yeorim) appeared to have a secret relationship with the rebellious Moon Jae Shin (nicknamed Geol Oh). Fans have theorised that the two had a covert romantic relationship because of their strange and shady past. Fans adore Yeorim's humorous yet secretive demeanour, as well as Geol Oh's tough-looking good looks. Despite the fact that their characters were only portrayed as "just friends," their romance drew enough attention and votes to win the Best Couple Award at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards.

Yoo Ah In had remarked during his awards address at the time, You all are incredibly persistent! A reporter asked if the two are still in touch during an interview because Yoo Ah In's name comes in the associated search term box when you search for 'Song Joong Ki.' "Honestly, it's gotten scant," Song Joong Ki replied. The 'Best Couple Award' poll was dominated by votes for us, which was rather shocking. After that, I lost communication with Yoo Ah In." Song Joong Ki said, "I used to call you 'Ah In-ah' before, but I assume now it's 'Ah In-ssi', how are you?" when asked to record a video greeting for his former cast-mate. It's become a little awkward.

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