Three things to never do when dating in the twenty-first century


Three things to never do when dating in the twenty-first century

It's difficult to date strangers and hopes that the next person you meet will be your soul match. Read on if you've been going into cafés with high hopes just to leave disappointed and without a second date. We explore woke dating to learn some of the unwritten guidelines that can improve your first impression. So, let's look at some of the main attitudes and actions you should shun when dating in the twenty-first century.

 Being a showoff or shallow

The days of judging someone solely by their appearance are long gone. Although dressing up for a date is something you choose to do, you also need to be ready to accept and love the flawed person who lies beneath the beautiful makeup. Above all, don't assume you can body shame your date because they are not the size you desired in a partner. Keep in mind that showing someone respect is free of charge.

Statements or actions that are homophobic

This is a major issue. A long time ago, in the name of situational humor, the media or motion pictures did not hesitate to make homophobic jokes. This is no longer the case, though. To avoid making insensitive comments about our LGBT community while on a date, you must maintain your composure and educate yourself.

Ø Preconceptions based on gender

Remember to avoid using gender-based prejudices as well. Don't advise that your date give up her career after marriage, for example, or imply that a woman's place is only in the kitchen. And when it comes to males, don't make fun of them for wearing makeup or picking pink-colored clothing. Keep in mind that, among other things, it is completely appropriate for men to crossdress and for women to work while their husbands are at home.

You'll be astonished at how a new relationship can enrich your life if you approach your date with an open mind.

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