5 Unconventional Jobs That Are Ideal for Women Over 50


5 Unconventional Jobs That Are Ideal for Women Over 50


Whether you're looking to reinvent yourself, re-enter employment for financial security, or simply want to be active, what you do with your time should be engaging, intriguing, and personally satisfying. There's no excuse not to push your talent, talents, and knowledge at this point in your life. The professions listed here have traditionally been dominated by men. While breaking the sex/work-type divide can be difficult at any age, being a mature woman with real-world experience can be favourable.

So, follow in the footsteps of the courageous women who have led the way before you.

1.  Transportation Planner

Tina Quigley, a 50-year-old transportation planner, is the general manager of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC). She manages the nation's only organisation in charge of a region's public transportation system, traffic management, roadway design, construction funding, and transportation planning. The RTC is one of the most efficient transit operators in the country, according to the National Transit Database. It's an honour that says eloquently about Quigley's leadership and proves that women can succeed in a traditionally male-dominated sector. "This burgeoning sector is a lot of fun and exciting right now," Quigley added. "Find a mentor and build a network of influential people." A bachelor's degree in engineering or planning is required.

2.  Currency Trader

Forex, the arena for exchanging currencies, is perhaps little known, but it is one of the world's largest markets. It's a $5.4 trillion-per-day platform that's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Robyn Mancell, a co-founder of Girls Gone Forex, is in her fifties. She instructs women on how to deal in this market. "We get a lot of scepticism about our organisation because this financial industry is controlled by men," she remarked. Over 60 women have been taught by the organisation, many of whom are now coaches. The amazing thing about learning to trade is that you can accomplish your job from anywhere in the world if you have a laptop and internet connectivity. There is no obligation to "day trade" for oneself, and women fare better than men since they are more conservative traders, according to Mancell.

3. Lie Detector (Human)

Nejolla Korris, 50, of Interveritas, has been a human lie detector since 2003 and is a leader in her area. She can identify if someone is lying or not based on the language, they use using linguistic lie detection. Nejolla provides consulting services to a wide range of businesses and teaches the concept to both law enforcement and non-law enforcement groups. She's worked with Scotland Yard, the Irish Garda, the Singapore police, and the FBI. The job ranges from fraud investigations to missing people cases to homicide investigations. "Previous experience and maturity are assets in this profession," Korris remarked. Women are naturally better at detecting lies and conducting interviews when they have a lot of experience. Interveritas provides a wide range of online and in-person training options. Linguistic lie detection, travel safety, internet safety, and reputation management are all abilities you can learn. It's useful information to have, and it's a job worth considering.

4.  Cabinet Maker

April Morse, a cabinet maker, is a woman in a world dominated by men. She works as a finisher at a wood shop. Her father founded the company in 1972, which she took over in 2012. Morse is in charge of the company's administration, which includes going out and measuring, estimating, and developing designs for new projects. She also creates custom cabinets and cutting boards, as well as finishes them in the finish shop. This is a pretty labour-intensive job, but it is also very creative. "Apprenticing with a current cabinet maker is the greatest way to enter into the business," Morse added.

5. Electronics Engineering

Puls, funded by Sequoia Capital and Samsung, promises a once-in-a-lifetime entrepreneurial opportunity for women. It's a web-based and mobile service that sends skilled technicians to clients' preferred places (home, office, cafe, etc.) to repair or set up their gadgets. This could be a terrific job option if you have a talent for cell phone repair, TV mounting, or smart home setup, especially if you don't want to sit behind a desk. Puls HQ oversees all service requests, logistics, and payments, similar to TaskRabbit or Uber. The best thing is that you get to choose your own hours, and top technicians can earn over $2,000 per week.

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