A teenage girl in Kerala describes how a railway ride with her father turned into a nightmare


A teenage girl in Kerala describes how a railway ride with her father turned into a nightmare


A group of guys is accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl who was riding with her father on the Ernakulam-Guruvayur Special Express train.

The event occurred on Saturday at 7:50 pm while the girl was making her way from Ernakulam to Thrissur.

They had boarded the last coach at the Ernakulam North Railway station, according to the victim's father, and were traveling to their hometown of Thrissur. He told TNIE that there were six men seated across from us in the sparsely populated section. The males, who were intoxicated, began making filthy remarks about my daughter as soon as the train departed from Ernakulam North Railway Station, according to the father.

My daughter's leg was even touched by one of the men. She pointed this out to me, and I stepped in. The men, all six of them, started verbally abusing me before they attacked me physically, he claimed. They also manhandled a young man who was traveling in the same compartment and tried to step in, he continued. "When we attempted to take pictures of them, they became more hostile and attempted to take our phones. However, we were able to take a few pictures," the father stated.

The girl reported the males to the Thrissur Railway Police, alleging that they tried to molest her and touched her leg. "We have filed a complaint by CrPC Section 354 and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) against the five of them,” said the police.  

According to the authorities, the girl claimed that the harassment started as soon as the train passed through Kalamassery Railway Station. The males commute every day and have season tickets, according to preliminary investigations, the police said.

The girl and her father meanwhile claimed that despite their complaints about the occurrence to the railway guard, he did not take the initiative to call the railway police. The father claimed called Thrissur Railway police over the phone to ask for assistance as the miscreants persisted in abusing the girl and the guard allegedly refused to intervene. All six men, however, disembarked at various stops and fled.

Since the train came from Ernakulam, the matter will be transferred to the Ernakulam Railway Police, according to the Thrissur Railway Police.

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