Is Ramsay Hunt syndrome curable?

                                      Is Ramsay Hunt syndrome curable?


Ramsay Hunt syndrome is an associated infection of a facial nerve. It is a neurological disorder in which the varicella-zoster virus infects specific nerves within the head. The condition is additionally called Herpes herpes zoster oticus.

The varicellas zoster virus also can cause chicken pox. People who have had chickenpox carry the dormant virus in their nerves. Some years later it's going to become active once more, infecting the facial nerve, inflicting Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

The condition involves a painful rash and facial muscle weakness, that is usually confused with a stroke.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is effectively treated; however, some people could have permanent facial muscle weakness and hearing disorder.

The risk of complications drops considerably with the prompt and correct treatment. The longer the person must expect treatment, the smaller the probabilities of constructing a whole recovery.

The workplace of Rare Diseases classifies Ramsay Hunt Syndrome as a rare sickness, with an associate incidence of around five in each a hundred,000 folks within us. Most doctors can experience a case of Ramsay Hunt syndrome throughout their careers.


Early treatment improves the possibility of a whole recovery

The doctor is probably going to impose associate antiviral medication, like a medicinal drug (Zovirax), famciclovir (Famvir), or valacyclovir (Valtrex), also as a corticosteroid for the swelling and pain. The patient could need to take benzodiazepine (Valium) for the symptoms of vertigo.

If facial weakness persists when the completion of medical treatment is done, the doctor could suggest physical therapy to regain the correct use of the facial muscles.

An injection into the upper lid of botulinum toxin type A, a lot normally called Botox, could facilitate people who have hassle closing one eye. An eye patch could facilitate shielding the affected eye.

Patients could take from some weeks to many months to get over Ramsay Hunt syndrome. If treatment is delayed and nerve injury is severe, a full recovery is far less possible.


Successful recovery from Ramsay Hunt syndrome relies on recognizing and treating symptoms within the 1st few days.

The best way to make sure the fullest potential recovery is to consume the medicine acyclovir and prednisolone drug within seven days of the symptoms beginning.

The injury caused by Ramsay Hunt syndrome is reversible.


Signs and symptoms of Ramsay Hunt syndrome include:

  • ·       loss of taste, or a substantial change in how taste is experienced.
  • ·      an usually painful red rash, with blisters on the tongue, palate, inner/outer ear, and eardrum.
  • ·      vertigo
  • ·      one of the eyes could also be tougher to shut

·       a continuous ache

  • ·       facial weakness on an equivalent side as the affected ear
  • ·       deafness within the affected ear
  • ·       tinnitus
  • ·       facial expressions could also be jialtered, like a crooked smile
  • ·       facial drooping

Risk factors

Individuals over the age of sixty years who have already had varicella have a better risk of developing this syndrome than alternative age teams. Ramsay Hunt syndrome has been familiar in extremely rare cases to affect children.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome isn't contagious, however, an individual with the condition will pass varicella on people who have never had the sickness.

People with Ramsay Hunt syndrome ought to wait till their blisters scab over before being in touch with people with weakened immune systems, people who have not had chickenpox, infants, and pregnant mothers.


Hearing loss will occur as a result of Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Complications are rare if treatment starts within some days of the onset of symptoms. A tiny low proportion of patients could, however, experience permanent hearing disorder and facial weakness though their treatment was applied quickly and effectively.

If treatment is delayed, there's a risk of losing facial movement permanently, also as uncontrolled movements, like blinking. Some people could realize the difficulty in closing one eye, which might eventually damage the tissue layer, resulting in eye pain and vision issues.

Some patients could expertise pain long when alternative symptoms have gone, in an exceeding condition called postherpetic pain.

The virus could unfold to alternative nerves, like the brain and funiculus, causing confusion, lethargy, back pain, weakness within the arms and legs, and headaches. In such cases, the patient could need a spinal tap to work out that areas of the nervous system have become infected.


A doctor can most likely diagnose if the hallmark signs of facial weakness and a blister-like rash are detected. A nerve conduction study could also be performed to work out the extent of injury to the facial nerve, also as process the chance of recovery.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is often misdiagnosed, as several doctors have not encountered the condition.

A sample of the fluid in one of the blisters within the ear could also be taken to verify the designation. The doctor might also use a tear or blood sample.

An imaging scan, like an associate MRI, could reveal swelling of the facial nerves. Scans also can facilitate the doctor verifying whether or not the virus has reached the brain or alternative nerves.

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