Red Velvet


Red Velvet


Aside from being vastly proficient and delightful, the members of SM Entertainment's Red Velvet have captured the hearts of their fans with their sweet personalities. Notably, this was fully read throughout their recent performance at Korea University's festival.

Summer has finally arrived in South Korea and with it comes an excess of college festivals. Notably, at Korea University's festival, IPSELENTI 2022, the members of Red Velvet were among the idols who performed. The girl danced, sang, and interacted with quite 10000 fans gathered on the school's field.

Understandably, idols like Jay Park, aespa, and PSY conjointly performed for the group. Nonetheless, Red Velvet surprised fans not solely with their performance but conjointly with their stage manners.

Fans couldn't stop praising the girl group for having fun interactions with the fans. Evidently, the highlight for a few students was, once Joy instructed them on her iconic part in Red Velvet's Feel My Rhythm.

Furthermore, fans were merrily stunned once Red Velvet sang was the school's representative song. The SM recreation then tried to do the school's cheer. As fans overpriced Red Velvet, the girl gave back similar energy, creating their fans feel appreciated.

Due to this, netizens and fans had nothing, however, praise for the K-Pop lady cluster. It may be assumed that Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri love their ReVeluvs the maximum amount as their fans love them.

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