Delhi's Queer Made Weekend is a festival deserving of Pride.


Delhi's Queer Made Weekend is a festival deserving of Pride.


City dwellers who had rushed to the mall on Saturday to attend Queer Made Weekend (QMW), a two-day festival to showcase queer Indian companies and performers, were bustling in the entrance courtyard of the DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj. QMW finishes today. This event, which is being hosted by the online dating and social networking service Tinder in partnership with Gaysi Family, a digital community platform for the Indian LGBTQ+ community, is an effort to promote queer companies and give entrepreneurs assistance while also honoring Pride Month.

Aahana Dhar, Director of Communications for Tinder India, gave us an overview of the event, saying, "We started in 2021 as a digital program wherein we wanted to empower LGBTQIA+ business owners to engage and advance their ventures while also establishing a playfield for allies to join. We wanted to physically recreate what we did online this year. "We thought how about we start recognizing queer businesses, thereby motivating other queer people who want to establish their own business," Gaysi Family co-founder Sakshi Juneja continued.

Of Colours and Pride

At the event, one may see more than 30 LGBTQIA+ enterprises in fields like fashion, art, home decor, etc. While Quire Studio is showcasing a variety of handmade candles and other items, Stale Rumours, a small firm from Mumbai, is here offering zines, brooches, handcrafted blobs, etc. Bani Preet Kaur, a resident of Mukherjee Nagar, runs Ecalypse, a small business that specializes in polymer clay jewelry. Anushka, a 19-year-old who specializes in digital art and resin jewelry, runs CheeryLittleCherry. Lazy Lemons Studio, a unisex apparel company with headquarters in Delhi, was founded by Anindita Mukhopadhyay. She said, "It feels amazing to collaborate with other queer entrepreneurs and artists. This partnership is crucial because it gives the community new opportunities and contributes to the creation of venues that are welcoming to queers.

A time for celebration

The event offers a stage for artists and singers to perform for the public in addition to a variety of shops from which to shop. A wide variety of delicacies and beverages are being served by a number of queer caterers and mixologists, including Bake Bea and Cravings from Next Door. My Sacred Sanctuary is maintained by Rishi, who also offers tarot readings to clients. Tanya Maria Lakra, a resident of East Delhi, age 21, who was there with friends, was introduced to us. Lakra expressed her satisfaction with her encounter by saying, "I adore the ambiance. People here are extremely colorful and diverse, representing so many different identities. A few free hugs were also given to me (laughter).

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