Unwritten dating rules: A single man raises controversy after an odd chat exchange with a Tinder match


Unwritten dating rules: A single man raises controversy after an odd chat exchange with a Tinder match


After an odd experience with a possible Tinder match, a single man has learned the "unwritten rule" of dating.

On Thursday, June 16, the man and the woman he had matched with on the well-known dating app began corresponding, and they decided to meet up at noon on Sunday.

However, the woman texted him a little over an hour before the date to let him know she had "made other plans for the day" because she hadn't heard from him for "confirmation."

The man couldn't understand the message.

Along with a screenshot of the text chats, he said in a Reddit thread, "Not sure how I was supposed to know this criterion."

The two had planned their first date just a few days prior, deciding they would meet up over the weekend.

On the morning of the date, the man texted her to say, "Just wanted to let you know I'll be there today, see you in a while." They didn't communicate again after that.

The woman responded, "I didn't hear from you for confirmation this morning and I've made other plans for the day," as he was walking to the date. Willing to reschedule.

The man replied in confusion, "Oh, I thought we confirmed a few days ago? I'm sorry; I'll return home now.

"Yeah for the first meeting someone I need earlier in the day of [the meeting] confirmation, just for a check-up," the woman continued in the text.

When you have never met someone, it is impossible to determine whether they are trustworthy. I'm sorry, but you were already travelling.

The single man commented on the circumstance, saying, "Well, I'm certainly as heck not pleased to reschedule." She stated she's "happy to reschedule."

The irony

More than 3,400 individuals commented on his message, and most of them were equally perplexed as he was.

"This sums it all up—an unreliable individual worries about the other person's dependability. The irony," a person said.

It's strange that she actually made other plans when she might have simply contacted you to confirm, another person commented. She could make other plans if she didn't hear back.

One person continued, "She's pretending it's to check someone's reliability while proving she is, in fact, untrustworthy."

Some individuals, however, backed the woman's actions, with one man stating: "I do this all the time.

He stated I've had people not show up before, and it's just not pleasant.

"I send a text to confirm before leaving. I stay if I haven't heard anything by the time I'm due to leave.

Fortunately, no one has texted back, but I feel like it helps to calm my worries a little.

Unmatched and blocked

Other people had had comparable Tinder experiences to him.

The man stated, I had a lunch date planned with a match a year ago, and we confirmed it on a phone conversation the night before.

"Hello?" was the text she sent to me one hour before the date. I then said, Hey, I'm getting dressed right now, see you shortly.

The following text from her said, "Forget it, I needed better communication and this wasn't good enough.

Then she mismatched me and blocked me.

Hilarious timing

Only one individual claimed to have experienced the "exact same thing."

"I had a successful first date with a female. Set up a brunch date for Sunday on Friday, he said.

Texted her on Sunday morning at 8 a.m.; she responded at midday, stating she had slept in and believed I had ghosted her.

"On Sunday, I changed the appointment to Tuesday. then texted to confirm Tuesday at 7 o'clock on Monday night.

She claimed she believed I had ghosted once more and had to cancel. I left at that point.

Unwritten Rule

Another man claimed that after his date failed to show up because she had not heard from him, he almost stood up.

We agreed to the date a few days beforehand, and when I texted her when I arrived at the restaurant, she replied, "Oh, I didn't hear from you so I thought you weren't going," he claimed.

"Despite the fact that she arrived very late, she truly felt horrible. Thank you for that.

It's sort of an odd unwritten law, I suppose.

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