Bedroom Ideas-23 methods to design a fun and beautiful sleeping area for teenagers


Bedroom Ideas-23 methods to design a fun and beautiful sleeping area for teenagers

Bedroom Ideas-23 methods to design a fun and beautiful sleeping area for

It might be difficult to decorate a teenage girl's bedroom, especially if you don't have a lot of money to spend. You'll undoubtedly be considering updating the current area to make it feel a little more "grown-up," but you don't want to go overboard or create something that lacks personality.

Teenage bedroom ideas don't have to be expensive, and we believe that involving your teenager in the process is the most crucial step. Additionally, furniture that may change with them over time or that will develop with them is worth investing in.

Ideas for teenage girl’s bedrooms

Bring your child along for the design process and involve them in making some decisions, such as the choice of colour scheme or design theme, affirms Nicole Gray, a style consultant at Furniture Village (opens in new tab). They will enjoy having the responsibility, and it will make sure that their room is somewhere they want to spend time. These teenage girls' bedroom ideas are sure to motivate you with their inspirational gallery walls, chic study areas, and tips for avoiding the inevitable "floordrobe."

1. Adopt a bohemian style

To give your adolescent girl's room a relaxed, boho vibe, mix natural fabrics and add houseplants. Warm wood tones, a braided rug, and painted wooden wardrobes in white offer a great canvas for vibrant throw pillows and cushions. This room has a fun quality thanks to a pink wall arch and patterned cushion, and at night, the trailing plant and rose gold bedside lights will add to the cosiness. Add your own touches to the decor with cosy blankets, prints, candles, and fairy lights.

2. Increase storage space on the walls

The key to little children's room ideas, according to Kate Salmon, Head of Homeware Buying at Oliver Bonas(opens in new tab), is to keep your floor clear of clutter. When possible, she suggests using wall space for storage in compact and boxy bedrooms. With plenty of shelving, a sizable collection of shoes is kept organised in the area shown above.

But Kate cautions, "Don't simply use any old shelves; make sure you choose some that go with the décor concept of your kids' rooms because open shelving will keep your treasures on display." In order to maximise the space underfoot, "look for a type with hooks so you can hang up your bags and scarves."

3. Wallpaper with botanical designs adds depth.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper with a strong design can be utilised to provide depth and make a room appear larger. Make the wallpaper the focal point of the rest of the space by picking out its colours and incorporating them into the soft furnishings. It will hang together beautifully as a result of this.

White walls and bedding will calm the room down if you're concerned that it will feel too cluttered. Another excellent suggestion for a girls' room is a neon light, which lets the occupant customise the area and adds a cosy glow. To save on wardrobe space, if possible, choose a bed with built-in storage beneath or purchase slide-out storage options for under the bedframe.

4. Make a four-poster bed for luxury.

A beautiful bedroom's best bed should always be the centre of attention, and a four-poster bed is an ideal method to do it. A teenage girl would enjoy hanging out in this room because it is decorated in a traditional style with lots of elegance. Even while it would cost more than a typical double bed, it will develop with her. In addition, thanks to Netflix's Bridgerton, four-posters are now widely available at high-end retailers like Dunelm and Habitat.

According to Christopher Lusty, the founder of Little Folks Furniture, teens' tastes may fluctuate drastically, so selecting furniture that is intriguing but not overpowering will provide a canvas for them to try out the newest trends and make the space their own (opens in new tab). 'It also means the furniture may easily remain for guests once they've left the nest, and it's the parent's turn to remodeling the room,' Christopher continues.

5. Combine functional and fashionable home goods that are both ancient and new.

This wallpaper, which is the main attraction (sorry), is a great illustration of how successful it can be to extend wallpaper all the way to the ceiling in loft rooms with odd angles. Combine vintage items with contemporary neon lights and prints, such as these lockers that have been transformed into bedside tables. We adore the contrast between old and contemporary, which is maintained through the combination of a historic bedframe and modern typeface.

Choosing bedside tables with more storage, according to Kate Salmon from Oliver Bonas, might be a genuine gamechanger. "Most people will need some form of furniture piece at their bedside, whether it is to charge their phone or host the most recent book on their reading list," she claims. Every square inch of space must be utilised, so be sure to select a design with additional storage, such as a cupboard or drawers, to hide the items you need to keep close at hand but can't fit on top.

6. Color contrast for dramatic effect

For a space that is vivid and entertaining, use clashing bold colours. Choose colours that contrast one another on the colour wheel, such as coral and turquoise or less conventional combinations like pink and green. The cushions, picture frame, and headboard all adhere to the 60/30/10 colour scheme, which makes extensive use of blue, coral, and yellow.

7. Use a relaxed tone and holiday spirit

Make a striking feature wall in your teen's bedroom that gives the room a festive air by drawing inspiration from this year's greatest wallpaper trends. For a functional dressing table setup, layer on a round mirror, a side table, and a chair. Accessorize with a textural table lamp, a sheepskin rug, and a tactile cushion cover.

8. Hang Polaroids to add a unique touch.

Create a selfie wall for your teen and surround them with pictures of their friends and family! Attach pegs to either side of the wall and thread string or even thin wire fairy light ideas between them to create a miniature laundry line. Do this without hurting the beautifully painted walls. Now all you need to do is give your teen a polaroid camera and some bulldog clips so they can organise the rest. Even if you don't own a Polaroid camera, you can still get a comparable vintage look by using a variety of applications or print templates.

9. Make a feature wall out of your teen's desire to travel.

Why can you create a feature out of a wooden map that they can pin Polaroid photos of the locations they've visited and the places they still intend to go if you have an adolescent who is already planning her gap year adventures? By including some beautiful storage and using some vintage suitcases as a bedside table, you can carry the concept throughout the entire space.

10. Bright floral arrangements can promote optimism.

This teenage girls' bedroom is full of rich colour and is energetic, joyful, and girly (without being overly sweet), which is sure to make your teen grin (even if they won't admit it). Thanks to some ornamental touches that provide a whimsical finish, such as the curlicues on that chair and the lighthearted images on the wall, this area has a grown-up vibe without being overly serious.

The storage bench at the foot of the bed is excellent for concealing clutter. Kate Salmon, Head of Homeware Buying at Oliver Bonas, adds that this multi-functional piece, which serves both as seating and storage, is ideal for use in a tiny bedroom (opens in a new tab). While the fabric lid gives a splash of colour and a comfortable place to sit, it opens to reveal a sizable box for additional storage.

11. Create a stylish bedroom art exhibit.

Not that we're being design control freaks or anything, but if you've spent time and money meticulously applying two-tone paint effects like this and redecorating a kid’s bedroom, you're probably not going to be that happy for your teen daughter to pin posters straight on the wall.

For a personalised and artistic presentation, try installing picture ledges at several heights on the wall above the bed and layering framed prints and images of your teen's choice. She can update the images—and subsequently, the area—as often as she likes.

12. Add splashes of colour to a white space.

Bright coral flashes will create a vibrant bedroom, which might make the girl who lives there get out of bed more quickly in the morning, but then again... The hot coral adds a vibrant touch to the entire appearance by standing out against the immaculate white walls.

The exposed wire bedside light gives this room a mature feel, yet there is still a place for her favourite Moomins, showing that despite all of her adolescent anxiety, she is still a child.

13. Establish a research area.

It doesn't have to be dull just because a bedroom study area is necessary for doing homework for school or college. A lifestyle blogger should be proud of how this bedroom area has been turned into a place you want to hang out!

Framed prints and photos are placed on floating shelves, and workplace basics that are also decorative and functional are accessories. The slim workstation, which conveniently serves as a dressing area, is given a luxurious touch with a terrazzo light and a fur blanket.

Nicole Gray, the Style Consultant at Furniture Village(opens in new tab), advises choosing a somewhat secluded space for the desk when setting up a study area. Less interruptions will result from this, she claims. To improve concentration, place a desk in a room that is open, bright, and well-ventilated.

14. Use fashionable window treatments to gain privacy

A teenager's bedroom needs a clever window treatment concept more than anything else to create privacy. Not just for living rooms and bathrooms, window shutters are perfect for a bedroom environment as well because they offer much-needed privacy and light filtering.

15. Make the subject inspiring

Make the room your own by including unique touches and making it cheerful. Motivational messages may do a lot to make people smile at a sensitive point in their growth when it comes to creating a retreat where they can feel at peace and refreshed. A gallery wall is a stylish approach to give the art collection a dash of flair.

A velvet headboard gives this smoky pink bedroom a more sophisticated look, but the plush toys and personalised details give it a more kid-friendly feel.

16. Make a statement with monochrome.

One for the colour-averse teen ladies out there: Some girls just instinctively know that monochrome is the pinnacle of stylish dressing. Apart from the dearth of colour, this bedroom is anything but a regressive space because it expertly combines patterns. That striped drawer unit is a particular favourite of ours; it's perfect for holding burgeoning clothing and makeup collection!

17. Use wall decals to make it adaptable.

The likelihood that your kid may swiftly change their opinion of what is considered hip or not increases when items become outmoded faster than you can say "trending." Consider using wall stickers to add décor to save money on your decorating budget and reduce waste. Teenagers are allowed to express themselves more freely when using transfers because there is less commitment to a subject.

When the mood strikes, you can move these heart-shaped wall decals around. Stickers can be reused by just peeling them off carefully and putting them back on the original backing sheet. The best part is that they won't leave any residue, saving the integrity of the walls.

18. Maintain a bright and breezy tone.

Teenage bedrooms work best with a crisp white or neutral backdrop since it allows for quick changes in style to match their likes. To assist eliminate the feeling of clutter, choose traditional white furniture with a slim profile.

A vibrant flower bedspread, hot pink accents, soft pastel lamps and prints, and a tactile sheepskin throw on the chair ensure that this area is modern while yet being playful. However, this cheery, lovely place is really all about the accessories.

19. Use a colourful bed frame to provide a splash of colour.

Who said that the only sources of colour in a space should be soft furnishings? This bedroom's bed, which is painted a vibrant aquamarine colour, commands attention. To avoid making it appear too juvenile, the remaining furnishings have been kept neutral. However, this room is ideal for a contemporary teen princess due to the layers of hot pink bedding and the italic nameplate above the bed.

20. Add a Scandi twist to a loft room

It's not always easy to go from a child's room to a more mature environment, and not all teenagers have the largest bedrooms. With a stylish Scandi design that makes the most of the space with a raised built-in cabin bed, storage below and in the alcove beyond, this attic bedroom idea does a wonderful job of bridging that gap, leaving the rest of the room free for your teen's clothes (ideally not scattered across the newly-freed-up floor).

Colourful bed linen can be utilised to add personality and flair, while the wood panelling maintains the bedroom's tranquilly and improves the room's sense of space, all of which are crucial in an adolescent girl's bedroom.

21. Give pink a sophisticated spin.

Whether your child is 14 or 18, there is something about a blush pink bedroom idea that will never lose its allure. Give your teen's pink room, which they may have had when they were younger, a classy makeover. Include a wall covered with mirrors and opulent pink and purple bedding. A white ladder shelf is a terrific method to increase storage in a limited area and is perfect for showcasing their valuables and books.

22. Combine different designs and prints.

Bunting, crochet, polka dots, and pom-poms come together to create a whimsical area to be inspired. A teenage girl's bedroom may be made bright and beautiful with the appropriate combination of prints, patterns, and textures. If you don't want it to feel too overwhelming, balance warm orange and yellow tones with delicate blues and white expanses. However, it's a great place for your teen to experiment with design ideas.

23. Organize yourself using colour.

Organize that expanding wardrobe of clothing and accessories a bit. Put everything that is extra on a colourful hanging rail with a drawer. If your kid is a true fashionista, this gives them the ideal outlet to plan clothes or do quick photo sessions for Instagram. This choice is a no-brainer: it's contemporary and useful and offers countless options for creativity.

What furnishings must be in a teen girl's bedroom?

Nicole Gray, a style consultant, advises clients to "plan for plenty of storage, such as foldable baskets, pull-out bed drawers, and colourful shelving for books and trinkets." It will create the impression of more space and openness in the room.

"If they have their hearts set on a statement wall decal or a specific theme, pare the space back so that there are only one or two main hero aspects, like a statement wallpaper or bed frame, and construct the rest of the room around it," the expert advises.

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