Causes of IVF Failure and Embryo to Sperm Quality Disclosed by Doctors


Causes of IVF Failure and Embryo to Sperm Quality Disclosed by Doctors

Causes of IVF

Procedures for in vitro fertilization (IVF) have grown in popularity in Indonesia, Mother. Mom and Dad can intend to have a baby during this approach.

IVF is a method of fertilization where the egg and sperm are combined outside of the womb. Their encounter led to the implantation of an embryo into a woman's uterus.

Ø IVF failure factors

Despite advancements in IVF technology, not all couples are successful in conceiving a child on their first attempt. Dr. Beeleonie, BMedSc, SpOG - KFER, obstetrics, and gynecology specialist in Bocah Indonesia, suggested that the embryo's quality may be to blame for the IVF procedure's failure.

The doctor, known as Doctor Bee, recently told Hai Bunda, "He is frequently harmed during freezing or if the quality of the embryo is not good it will usually be rejected in the womb itself."

Ø Selecting the right embryos can affect IVF

The uterus can select embryos, says Doctor Bee. The IVF procedure may be affected by issues if the uterus is unable to do the selection.

Because it can choose, the human uterus is intelligent. Even a poor embryo will be accepted and result in an empty pregnancy if the uterus is unable to make a decision, said Doctor Bee.

However, if the selection process is effective, poor embryos won't be accepted. Therefore, the poor-quality embryos will fail to implant or attach to the uterus.

Ø In-vitro fertilization male fertility

Dr. Androniko Setiawan, Sp. And stated that before developing into an embryo, doctors would unquestionably assess the quality of the egg and sperm. Men's sperm quality, including quantity and mobility, will be more clearly visible.

"For men, the barely detected sperm count is challenging, but there is a remedy. Additionally, we need to work harder to find sperm that can discriminate between being alive and not, according to Dr. Androniko, whose shape and movement are slow or motionless.

The speaker added, "Sperm are alive to fertilize the egg into an embryo, and then develop into a baby.

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