Nine K-pop groups have released no studio albums in Korea or fewer than three so far.


Nine K-pop groups have released no studio albums in Korea or fewer than three so far.


K-pop artists and groups release a range of albums, from EPs to full-length albums. But not all musicians are able to release studio recordings. In reality, some artists have only published two albums so far, while others have never released any. Here are a few instances.


One of the well-known K-pop acts, BLACKPINK, has so far only put out one studio album. In addition to their prior hits, their first full-length album, "THE ALBUM," released in October 2020, includes the title single, "Lovesick Girls."

BLACKPINK is presently preparing for a comeback that is anticipated to take place in the second part of the year, but specifics have not yet been made public. As a result, it's unclear whether a new studio album will be released.


Since their debut in November 2016, VICTON has been a part of the music industry for five and a half years, although they have only so far put out one studio album.

The complete album, titled "Voice: The Future Is Now," was released in January 2021.

3. AOA

AOA made their debut in 2012, and "Angels' Knock," their sole Korean full-length album, was released in January 2017. It's unclear whether the girl group will release another studio album because there are currently just three members left.


Even though EVERGLOW has been a part of the K-pop scene for three years, they have yet to make a studio album. They have only so far released three single albums and three EPs, the most recent of which is their third EP, "Return of the Girl."

5. ONF

In February 2021, nearly four years after making their debut in August 2017, ONF released their first full album, "ONF: My Name." The title song, "Beautiful Beautiful," is one of the album's 11 total tracks. They have not yet released a new song.

6. SF9

Only one of SF9's four studio albums—out of their four—is in Korean. The whole album, "First Collection," with its 10 songs, including the title track "Good Guy," was released in January 2020. As of the time of writing, they have not yet published their second full-length album.

7. Red Velvet

Red Velvet has only released two Korean studio albums in their nearly eight-year tenure in the K-pop scene: "The Red" in September 2015 and "Perfect Velvet" in November 2017. How long it will take them to release their third full album is yet unknown.

8. Oh My Girl

The Fifth Season and Real Love are the names of the two full-length albums that Oh My Girl, another K-pop girl group, has released so far. Their second studio album, "Real Love," was released in March 2022, over three years after they started recording it. It might be some time before they release a new one because their second full album was just released.


Last but not least, MAMAMOO is an eight-year-old K-pop group that has only released "Melting" and "Reality in Black" as studio albums. The release of their second full-length album, "Reality in Black," took them almost three years. The quintet is scheduled to make a comeback in the second half of this year, though it is unclear if it will include a brand-new studio album.

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