ENHYPEN is the quickest K-pop group to reach 1 billion Spotify streams.


ENHYPEN is the quickest K-pop group to reach 1 billion Spotify streams.


ENHYPEN has recently been the K-pop group with the fastest Spotify total of one billion streams across all credits. Additionally, they accomplished the feat more quickly than any other K-pop artist. To find out how many days it took the male group to reach their goal, keep reading.

ENHYPEN has now become the quickest K-pop group to reach 1 billion Spotify streams.

ENHYPEN has received more than one billion streams on Spotify as of June 25 at around 3 a.m. KST. As of the 24th, there were 998 million streams overall, which means two million streams were added in a single day.

On November 30, 2020, ENHYPEN made its debut, and since then, its tracks have amassed millions of Spotify streams. The fourth-generation boy band has so far had four albums, two Japanese singles, and three joint tracks distributed on the international music streaming service. There are 32 tracks in all, 32 in Japanese and 32 in Korean.

ENHYPEN reached one billion Spotify streams in just 571 days after its debut on November 30, 2020. With that, they achieved the milestone faster than any K-pop group or individual artist has before.

Both records were previously held by TWICE, which reached one billion in 579 days.

ENHYPEN also joins TWICE as the only K-pop artist to reach one billion Spotify streams in less than 600 days. TXT and BLACKPINK, the third and fourth quickest K-pop act, respectively, accomplished the accomplishment after more than 900 days.

This is a significant accomplishment for a K-pop group that has only been active for a little under two years. Because of this, the hashtag "#ENHYPEN Fastest Kpop Act to1B" is trending on Twitter as ENGENEs (ENHYPEN's fan club) celebrate. As of the time of writing, more than 24,000 tweets contained the hashtag.

Congrats to ENHYPEN on their groundbreaking success on Spotify!

Being the first Japanese album by the group to sell over 300,000 copies on the Oricon Chart, "Always" makes them the fifth K-pop artist in history to achieve this feat within a week of release.

It will also be ENHYPEN's first Korean come back in six months since the release of "DIMENSION: ANSWER" in January with "MANIFESTO: DAY 1." "DIMENSION: ANSWER," like their earlier albums, debuted highly on Billboard charts as well as on the Gaon and Oricon charts.

ENHYPEN, in particular, secured the group's third top 20 entry on the Billboard 200 and third consecutive No. 1 on the Billboard World Albums Chart with "DIMENSION: ANSWER."

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