Pigtails are the comfort hairstyle of the summer for 7 K-pop stars


Pigtails are the comfort hairstyle of the summer for 7 K-pop stars
Pigtails are the comfort hairstyle of the summer for 7 K-pop stars_ichhori.com

It’s formally Gregorian calendar month, which implies that summer weather is here fully force. Styling long hair is a problem within the hotter months, however to not worry of the summer? Pigtails! These seven K-pop idols are proving that this lightweight and immature style is back in, and it’s the right no-fuss seek for people who can’t be discomposed for a sophisticated ‘do as a result of it’s simply too hot. Plus, they’re with great care adorable!

1. Billlie’s Tsuki

Here, Billlie’s Tsuki is showing off the example bouncy braid. The curled look makes the fashion appear additional immature, and it is achieved simply with a hair curling iron for people who have straight hair or nightlong curling rods for those whose hair has natural texture. The bows add that additional dash of super cuteness!

2. Red Velvet’s Joy

While not essentially the classic “pigtail” look, Red Velvet’s Joy keeps all the simplest components of the fashion whereas creating it additional recent for summer. By creating 2 braids at the aspect of either side of head and wrapping them into a decorated bread, she will be able to keep her hair out of her face whereas keeping the fashion wanting pigtail-esque. The more flower barrettes simply extra service the full thing!

3. IVE’s Leeseo

IVE’s Leeseo proves that pigtails look superb with super long hair, and by keeping the pigtails high on her head, she adds movement and volume to naturally straight locks. The sunshine fringe additionally keeps the fashion from wanting too manicured, and therefore the addition of the sparkly accessories at the bottom of the pigtails are super attention-getting.

4. STAYC’s Sieun

For people who are a touch knowledgeable with hairstyling or simply wish to feature a touch additional one thing to their look, STAYC’s Sieun shows off the right pigtails. The maximum of her pigtails is divided off and decorated behind her ears, whereas the remainder is left to flow free. It additionally helps to stay the highest section tamed for people who have stratified hair!

5. ITZY’s Yuna

If you wish to let a number of your hair loose however still want to stay it lightweight and ethereal, Yuna’s half-and-half decorated pigtails are the thanks to go. These pigtails are tied nearer to the rear of her hair; however, the below layer falls additional toward the front to provide the illusion of an easy, undone vogue. This one would additionally work well on shorter hair!

6. aespa’s Karina

aespa’s Karina is showing off a quadruple-pigtail look, accessorized with some beaded extensions. She has placed a twist on the classic decorated braid vogue by adding 2 smaller braids at the terribly front of her head together with her curtain bangs falling loose. This one is super flexible to make, however it still makes it appear as if you set during a heap of effort!

7. TWICE’s Chaeyoung

For people who wish to match their garments to their hairstyle, Chaeyoung’s ribbon look is ideal. It’s a touch additional complicated, however once you get the drop of it, you'll be able to add plenty of skilfulness to your designs. The ribbon is tied into a bow at the highest of the braid and rib through and tied once more at rock bottom. Regularity makes perfect!

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