Pregnancy aid calls flood the MP CM helpline


Pregnancy aid calls flood the MP CM helpline

In an estimable step, the Madhya Pradesh state government provides financial aid to pregnant women from depressed backgrounds during and after delivery, still, it doesn’t frequently reach them.

Further than half the number of calls on the Chief Minister’s helpline number is entered affiliated to help to claim aid, reported TOI.

The Madhya Pradesh government offers fiscal aid to pregnant women under two schemes, videlicet Janani Suraksha Yojna (JSY) and Prasuti Sahayata Yojna (PSY). Now the women are calling out to their ‘mamaji’- the State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, fondly known as ‘ mamaji ’( mama’s family), among the people of Madhya Pradesh.

According to the records shown, further, than half of the calls on the CM helpline were related to JSY and PSY schemes asking for aid.

It was reported that the main reasons for the detention in these fiscal aids are related to the absence of proper documents, introductory details, pastoral miscalculations, etc. According to some hospitals, the over-complicated process is also one of the main reasons for the detention in furnishing aid to the indigent.

The Madhya Pradesh state government started these two schemes to encourage institutional deliveries over home deliveries and to latterly reduce birthtime mortality by reducing the child mortality rate and motherly mortality rate. The schemes proved to be a big relief for the women of lower socio- profitable strata during gestation.

They get around Rs,000 through the JSY and PSY schemes during gestation, so that they go to hospitals for deliveries and not unmonitored home deliveries.

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