can endometriosis kill you?

 can endometriosis kill you?


Endometriosis is a state of illness when your endometrium-like tissues start to mature in the outer area of the uterus. Such areas include the abdomen, ovaries, as well as bowel. The result of Endometriosis is very unbearable. It leads to severe stomach aches, painful periods, bleeding, headache, etc. For some extreme situations, endometriosis will demand you to get treated through medical conditions that include surgery. In case you leave Endometriosis as it is, it holds a higher chance of becoming disastrous.

In this article, you are going to get well-versed with the thought of whether or not endometriosis can kill you. 

Can endometriosis kill you?

Well, it is still unclear whether or not endometriosis can kill you. Although various other complications have been associated with it. It's been said that parallel to having endometriosis, if you have other existing chronic illnesses then, yes your life is at threat. The complications occurring due to the endometriosis drawbacks mentioned in the below section are witnessed in the least cases. With timely detection, they can be treated fully. The obstacles taking place due to untreated Endometriosis can lead to dangerous results as mentioned below - 

Small bowel obstruction: A small bowel obstruction leads to various signs including problems like stool passing, stomachache, passing gas & nausea. The bowel obstruction leads to pressure building leading to a bowel perforation in case you don't treat it within the time. 

Ectopic pregnancy: An ectopic pregnancy takes place if the fertilized egg gets implanted in the uterus's outer region, especially in the fallopian tube. It leads to rupturing the fallopian tube causing internal bleeding. 

Ectopic pregnancy has various symptoms. It comprises lower back pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding, cramping, etc. If you have an endometriosis illness, it doesn’t make it obvious to have the growth of tissues in your bowel and fallopian tubes.

Is there any likelihood of death because of endometriosis?

There is the least chance of death because of Endometriosis. On the contrary, if you do take proper therapy for it, then it can cause various health issues and one of these might ultimately lead to death. There isn't any direct cure for Endometriosis yet various treatments allow us to handle the situation better. Your health complications are only going to rise with time if you don't treat the Endometriosis within time. It can lead to living life with the least resources. You can encounter the following aspects - 

Ovarian cysts: It leads to Sexual intercourse pain & pelvic pain, & periods of cramps.

Chronic pain: Endometriosis leads to long-term pain.

Urination Issues: If your bladder is affected, then you will have a problem while urinating.

Infertility: Almost 50% of infertile women have endometriosis.

How to Diagnose endometriosis? 

More than 10% of women worldwide face endometriosis problems when they are at their reproduction stages of life. Various doctors just use a direct guessing method after the invasive testing has been conducted. Based on their years of expertise,  they declare whether a woman has Endometriosis or not. 

The doctors conduct the pelvic examination of the patient suffering from endometriosis. It helps them to get a clear idea about the presence of scarring. 

The doctors use the imaging method for the evaluation of abnormally appearing areas in the body. 

Doctors also suggest taking the relevant medicines, it's one of the methods to diagnose your situation closely. In case, the situation seems to get better after taking those medicines, then your existing situation or a particular symptom is the cause of endometriosis. 

One of the most direct methods used by doctors for diagnosing this illness is through the tissue's surgical removal. It further goes for testing. 

How to treat endometriosis? 

If detected and diagnosed in the early stages, all the symptoms of Endometriosis are fully treatable. To treat it further you will need to take a few medicines, surgical treatment, and a few home care attempts. The doctor will advise you on the most suitable treatment process based on your existing Endometriosis condition. The most common treatment for Endometriosis are mentioned below - 

Medication: Under this method of treatment, your health care specialist recommends you to take the NSAIDs - nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Some of these drugs are ibuprofen and naproxen sodium. It largely helps to reduce pain and excess swelling in your body. Apart from this, the doctor recommends hormonal medications. These include hormonal birth control pills. It curtails the excess pain and bleeding caused due to endometriosis. The doctor may also recommend the IUD - an intrauterine device alternative that helps to get off such hormones. 

Medical treatment: Doctors in this treatment process discard the tissues using the surgical method. Although, these issues related to endometriosis hold higher chances of developing again once it's removed via surgery. A woman can opt for the hysterectomy alternative in case she is undergoing a high amount of unbearable pain. What it does is relieve her pain due to existing symptoms although there isn't a surety of them vanishing away.  

Key Takeaways 

Overall, we can say that endometriosis directly is not a life-taking illness but it can ruin your everyday work and ease of living. Doctors say that if it is not a fatal ailment yet it can cause enormous amounts of pain. The surgeons also stated that there are always going to be exceptional cases where endometriosis can lessen several life-taking issues. All that you are advised to do is contact the doctor as soon as possible to get the real cause of it so that after your diagnosis you can start the treatment at the earliest. In special cases, when none of such treatments works out for you, your doctor is going to hand over your case to the gynecologist. He will then further perform various other tests to analyze your case better and to receive the root cause of it. For this, he shall opt for either an ultrasound scan or laparoscopy.

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