Don't Buy Into These "Trends" About Dating

 Don't Buy Into These "Trends" About Dating

Failing in love can not only break your heart, but it can also affect your emotional and mental health. A study conducted in May 2019 found that emotional states after a breakup closely resemble symptoms of clinical depression, so here are some patterns to watch out for. Another study conducted at the University of Missouri in Columbia found repetitive relationships are poisonous to mental health. Suggested to protect your health.

The mind certainly knows all this, but unfortunately, the mind is still unshakable. However, if you are aware of the following toxic dating behaviors, you may protect your mind and sanity from many toxins in dealing with all that anger. 

What drew us to writing about orbiting (the concept of looking at Instagram/Snapchat stories instead of responding to someone’s text or other required communication) was that it could only happen in the 2010s.

1. Ghosting

"Oh, I ghosted them a few weeks ago”

Most of us may have heard these causality statements, but what does it really mean? Have you ever wondered? In the world of online dating, “ghosting” is now a common practice and is often referred to as the “mother of all dating trends”.In essence, it is the silent treatment It is the online dating version, which is ignored by someone without explanation, closure, or official dissolution. Just disappear.

 It is a fact that there is “Ghosting” was first coined in the Urban Dictionary in 2009 but has been around as a concept for a long time. You got up, you didn’t return the phone/homing pigeon/page, what have you got?

But on track? It could only exist at an age when Instagram and Snapchat exist. Please let me rest.

2. Cloaking

Slightly different from ghosting, cloaking is when a potential suitor dons a cloak of invisibility after arranging a date. This means it will be blocked by matching apps and communication apps (WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.).

So I can’t get in touch with you. It’s like picking someone up, but somehow bad.

3. Submarining

Submarining is when someone hasn’t heard from you in a while and then suddenly asks, “What’s wrong?” sentences. On such occasions, I wished it was Little Women's Days and that if anyone wanted to contact me, they would have to write by candlelight.

4. Identify yourself as “sapiosexual” on the app

Enough. No one wants to date an idiot. Next.

5. Viral Dating Profiles

Coming Soon 2020 People. Dating apps are here to stay and more and more likely to meet a partner on dating apps. We know you don’t want to be vulnerable on dating apps, but If you really want to meet someone who is compatible with you, this is the only way. In 2020, I propose a nonsensical and slightly insulting bio with a poor photo of you from 5 years ago and an official quote at the end and a profile that actually helps you shine.

6. Kittenfishing

Kitten fishing is “lightweight” catfish fishing. For example, using old or edited photos, or exaggerating your interests to make them more appealing. No one wants to date the cat-fishing version of you, but some people want to date the real you.

7. Cryptomancing

Nobody wants to hear about Bitcoin, let alone when you’re trying to date. If you’re a Bitcoin millionaire, say so when dating on Ubercopter and leave it alone. It is a state that isolates people from We won’t be dating anyone seriously or seeing friends or family in 2020. No! That’s a red flag and we won’t do it. Except for queer couples and families, there are probably too many to list in the top 10. But in this case, you meet her friends.

9. Damping

Damping is basically cheating. Keep people together and leave a “cushion” in case your current relationship doesn’t work out.

You don’t need a cushion. It makes you a bad person. But for another reason, non-monogamy got a lot of mainstream coverage in the 2010s. And if your partner isn’t into it, either stay monogamous or quit.

10. Breadcrumbs

This is what I am wearing in a bowl of bread to avoid it. Breadcrumbs are when someone sends flirty messages but never actually sees you in person. I understand why it happens: It’s the easy way out for people. They are not an app for meeting in person. It’s for an ego boost for pen pals because they’re just lonely, but not so lonely, as to leave home.

But when you’ve read through (or have been breaded on) the breadcrumbs, you know it’s time to stop.

In 2022, let’s all promise not to waste anyone’s time, including ours. Don’t settle for someone wasting your time. If you catch someone doing this to you, you have the power to let it find someone who isn’t so lame.

The New 2022 year is here with higher dating standards.

11. Bench Press

No, this has nothing to do with Mr. Price Charming driving you crazy with the bench press. Benching is a dating tendency in which the person is completely uninterested in committing to you and does not want to let you go. It will come to you only when the options are closed.

Impact of These Dating Trends on Mental Health

Internet dating is undoubtedly difficult, but little is known about its impact on users’ mental health.

Rejection happens at lightning speed online, whether you swipe left on autopilot, leave the match as "read", or appear as a ghost right after the first date. It's common on dates.

We live in a fast-paced world where new innovations hit the market at the speed of light. And we ‌get stuck in a culture of consumables.

 However, we ‌remember that applying this to interpersonal relationships can be emotionally damaging. The online dating trend makes people feel interchangeable and impersonal, which has a direct impact on their mental health.


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