Everything We Know About Blackpink's Upcoming Reunion


Everything We Know About Blackpink's Upcoming Reunion


Six years after their debut, the K-pop group has amassed six YouTube videos with over a billion views, making them the biggest girl group in the world. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa have all been dominating the fashion world as ambassadors for the high-end brands Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Celine since their previous group comeback in 2020s The Album. With their respective single albums, R and LALISA, Rosé and Lisa have also made their solo debuts.

All four team members are now working on their upcoming group project. The members are now finishing up the recording of their upcoming album, according to a YG Entertainment spokesperson. Later this year, they will go on "the largest-scale globe tour in K-pop girl group history" after releasing their title track in August and filming the music video for it in July.

The statement continues, "A lot of music that is BLACKPINK-Esque has been completed with much work over a lengthy period." "Along with their comeback, BLACKPINK will embark on the largest-scale world tour in K-pop girl group history to deepen their emotional connection with fans around the globe. Moreover, significant initiatives that fit that status will continuously follow"

The band had previously stated in their June Rolling Stone cover story that they were composing their upcoming album. The group is getting ready for the "next busy two years," according to Jennie, while Jisoo added, "I want to come back with songs swiftly."

During an appearance on the Korean variety show The Game Caterers 2, Jennie gave the first indications of the group's comeback in March of last year.

"BLACKPINK will return shortly as well. Since I'm the only person present, even though I'm not sure if fans might already have heard a preview of the group's future tracks, however, we'll probably have to wait until the first teaser to find out what's in store. Their labelmate, "DUMB DUMB" singer Some, unintentionally wandered into a studio performing an unreleased song last week while they were filming on Instagram Live from YG's headquarters, according to NME Magazine.

The BLINKs (BLACKPINK's fans), heard the footage, though the song's singer sounded a lot like Jennie. The new album is due very soon, despite all the speculative talk around the leak permitted to say it, I'll say it anyway. Please anticipate it, "She spoke.

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