Summer reading list: 5 novels to (re)discover feminism


Summer reading list: 5 novels to (re)discover feminism


In order to complete (or begin) your feminist education this summer, Madmoizelle gives you a selection of eclectic works to pack in your suitcase, including an essay, novel, lovely book, comic strip, and even a holiday notebook.

And if you use the summer and the holidays to breathe in some feminist fresh air? Miss has chosen five works, each of which offers some measure of optimism and grit. Here is a short selection to finish or start your feminist education in addition to the great classics, such as the fundamental writings of Virginia Woolf, Simone de Beauvoir, Virginie Despentes, Margaret Atwood, or Mona Chollet.

Ø Marie Kirschen and Anna Wanda Gogusey's Herstory

This devoted primer is THE book for people who wish to (re)discover the history of feminism. It is colourful, amusing, lighthearted, yet extremely thoroughly documented. Pop culture-infused, it provides to delve into the epic of fights that are still much too frequently caricatured with the help of 69 keywords. Through Beyoncé, "Féminazie", #MeToo, the Glass Ceiling, or Bra, we go from A for Afrofeminism to W for Wonder Woman. Here, independent journalist Marie Kirschen provides us with an engaging read that explores the social, political, economic, and cultural history of feminisms. All handled by Anna Wanda Gogusey's sly illustrations. a must-have self-care item!

Ø  A holiday diary: Catherine Golliau's "The Woman in All Her Forms"

Di Do you know that in 2019 women received 16.5% less compensation than men for performing the same job? that in the United States, girls can get married at the age of 12? That Clara Schumann was one of the greatest pianists of her era in addition to being the legendary composer's wife? With the adult holiday journal We learn a lot about the tale of women throughout history in the documentary The Woman in All Her Forms, which was directed by journalist Catherine Golliau. Without ever growing bored, too. This sizzling book will be devoured on the beach as well as in the office because it combines games, quizzes, savoury anecdotes, unexpected data, and numerous games.

Ø A cartoon: Eve Cambreleng's Body and Screams: The Feminist Revolution of Bodies

Visit the Instagram account of illustrator Eve Cambreleng if you haven't already. She distils to her nearly 45,000 subscriber’s feminist and unrestrained posts that are beneficial under the handle "aboutevie." His first comic book is devoted and punchy, just like his other works. The album addresses the never-ending rules placed on women's bodies, such as "Not to be prudish, but also not to have a too free sexuality," "Not to be too covered, but not to be too bade," etc. It is driven by vibrant colours and curvy characters. Eve Cambreleng retraces with education the growth of the place and role of women in our society by combining rants and historical reminders. And it has had great success!

Ø The storms, a book by Marcia Burnier

Marcia Burnier completely engrosses us in the tale of seven rape victims in her book The stormy. by a coworker, a friend of a friend, a total stranger, or during a single encounter. In this book, there is no voyeurism; instead, the various strategies for surviving the aftermath are described in a clinical and highly factual manner. Nina, Lila, Inès, Léo, Louise, Lucie, and Mia collectively make the decision to destroy the current system of fear and guilt. And to uphold their own dignity since "nobody else can do it." They attempt to retake control of their life while being motivated by wrath and bound by a salvific sisterhood. The co-founder of the feminist literary zine It's Been Lovely but I Have to Scream Now, the Franco-Swiss author sign here a bubbling first novel, carried by an electric breath as comforting as infuriating. A punchy text to put in all hands.

Ø A try: Undo sexist discourse in the mediaby Rose Lamy

It was a skid, clumsiness, and an improper gesture; "What was she wearing?"; "It's a drama, a crime of passion, the mad gesture of a rejected lover"; and "What was she doing outside at this hour?" "There once upon a time"... Rose Lamy has been documenting and analysing several instances of sexist and anti-feminist language at work every day in the media on her Instagram account "Get ready for the fight" since 2019. This dedication resulted in a strong essay. This approachable book, which has been a huge success since its release at the end of 2021, scrapes through the press's jargon to provide both a toolkit and an electric shock. Both on the guilt of the victims and on the sexual violence or the disempowerment of the aggressors. To buy urgently!

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