What are a few tips for the person in a new relationship?

 What are a few tips for the person in a new relationship? 

Relationships, be it new or old, need spark and space. While old relationships need re- ignition in a few months or years, a new relationship is a new experience with lots of new challenges and opportunities. Personally I believe every relationship is different and has different opportunities and situations but the base of all relationships are the same. Every relationship is works on trust and respect. Love is secondary. First you need to be good friends so as to understand each other. Every individual is different and it is always said that opposites attract but it seems cool at the beginning but with time you might have clashes of opinions and thoughts. You are not required to accept the other person's ideas or thoughts but you must respect their viewpoint. With love comes care and concern, worrying about your partner is okay, a little jealousy and possessiveness is cute but only till it is not excessive. When possessiveness turns into over possessiveness and it feels difficult in dealing with your partner's jealousy, it will not be cute anymore. 

There are a few things need to be followed by every person getting into a new relationship: 

  • Since every relationship is different and hence we should not bring the past into our present. Don't let your past insecurities and fears ruin your present. If you trust the person and have taken a chance for dating then you should also free yourself from past burdens. Spend your first few days getting to know each other rather than talking about each other's past.

  • You both should be clear about each other's intentions whether you want a long term relationship or a casual fling. Although focusing on the past should be skipped, focusing on the future is very important. You must know about each other's interests so as to know if you are on the same page or not.

  • Seeing the trend we also try to become a part of it. But just because everyone around you is in a relationship doesn't mean you should also be in one. You should like the person whom you are dating and not the idea of being in a relationship. Never ignore the red flags and force any spark because it will be for a short term and you will end up hurting yourself or the other person.

  • You should know that you both must be comfortable before getting intimate. It's not about just one person's consent. You should know and talk about each other's likes and dislikes.

  • Meet each other's friends so as to know more about your partner. Your partner's friend circle tells a lot about what kind of person he/she is by what kind of person they hang with. Also your friends can tell about potential red flags if they are around your partner.

  • Discussing your feelings in person is different than in chats. If you are having any serious conversation, never have it on chats. As you don't know how the other person is reacting to your thoughts or ideas, there can be misunderstanding while texting.

  • You try to look cool and chill by pretending to be someone but that is an illusion and you cannot pretend for a longer time, so you should be yourself from the very beginning. 

  • No matter how scary a new relationship can be, don’t forget to enjoy it. Notice all the little moments, try new things together, and make sure you are having fun. 


Every relationship is different, so is the person. New relationship is like a new experience, and getting into a new relationship means leaving the past behind. Try to enjoy every moment while staying alert without ignoring any red flag. Try to keep the spark and just be yourself.



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