Who is he?

Scott Lang is an expert in electrical engineering to steal from criminals, and this made him far away from his status as father and husband. He returned ill-gotten profits from criminals to the victims from whom they have stolen. He married maggie and became a father to cassie, and Scott promised to give up his robbery life. Once, Scott came to know his company vista corp was stealing his customer’s money he could not endure injustice. After having a clever plan with Vistacorp’s headquarters and hacking the system, so that he can refund the stolen profits, this commitment made his marriage at a cost.  After 3 years of his imprisonment, Scott got released from jail, but his past, who had a history of robbery could not get even with his unscrupulous ex-employers. Lang did not get any job and even lost his right to see his daughter. To provide child support to her daughter, he again returned to crime to make ends meet.

Ant-Man or Can’t Man?  

For his first post-jailbreak-  heft, Lang chose the home of reclusive scientist Hank Pym, but formerly outside Pym’s vault, all he set up was a strange suit and accompanying helmet. Allowing it might still be worth a commodity, he took the outfit home and snappily discovered the extent of Pym’s work. The suit enabled him to shrink to ant size, and though Pym himself who had designedly led Lang to the suit — tried to talk Lang through the experience by way of the helmet, the mastermind had enough and tried to return the gear to its due proprietor.  Lang might have been suitable to put the experience behind him, but Pym’s estranged son, Hope van Dyne, caught him at the house and had him arrested. Disguised as his counsel, Hank Pym latterly visited him in his cell and gave him the suit as a means of escape, an offer Lang accepted. Out from behind bars formerly more, he also learned of Pym’s former career as a counterspy codenamed “Ant-Man. ” Pym offered him a job, and Lang accepted,  getting the alternate man to wear the Ant-Man suit and bear the title. 

All Shapes and Sizes  

Through the use of Pym patches, which reduce the space between any object’s motes, Hank Pym’s special suit allows Lang to shrink down to the size of an ant. Risking great peril to himself, Ant-Man can shrink so small that he can move between motes in the Quantum Realm, which proves to be an unstable and changeable process.  The Ant-Man suit protects the wear and tear from damage, and its helmet subventions communication and some control over ants and other analogous insects. Though the Ant-Man suit doesn’t have an erected- in flying medium, Scott is suitable to communicate with ants using a device in the helmet that sends pheromones into the ants ’ olfactory whim-whams centers. This gives him a friendly “ command ” over ants, which allows him to ride on them while they fly for brisk trips.  While in his atomic form, Ant-Man still retains his full-sized strength and abidance. When he returns to full size, an evanescent shockwave allows Scott to hit an opponent with an enhanced strike. While small, Ant-Man's viscosity and strength allow him to jump great distances at great pets so that he can barrel at his foes like a  pellet.  Ant-Man can also use the suit’s Pym patches to make himself grow into a  mammoth, reaching a record outside height of 65  bases. Though the process also increases his strength to the point where he can lift and crush vehicles, it’s a physically exacting power that Scott can only maintain for a short while, leaving him exhausted and in need of rehabilitation subsequently.   Ant-Man carries Pym flyspeck Discs, small discs that can beget objects to either shrink or enlarge upon contact, turning the most inoffensive objects into implicit distractions or munitions. 

Ant- Trails  

Hank Pym’s first task for his new Ant-Man was to shoot him out to recoup precious information on Darren Cross and his new “ Yellowjacket ” suit,  distrustfully analogous to Pym’s own technology. At this same time, Hope van Dyne expressed her unhappiness over the choice of Lang, as she wanted to wear the suit herself to prove her capabilities to her father. In the end, van Dyne helped train Lang in both the suit’s capacities and how to fight.   Agreeing to slip the Ant-Man suit and to prop  Hank Pym in reacquiring his tech, Scott trained with Hank and Hope so that he could consummately use the suit’s powers and use the shrinking capability in combat. Scott honored that Hank and Hope’s relationship was strained due to the loss of Hope’s mama, Janet, decades before while she and Hank were on a  charge to save theU.S. as the original Ant-Man and Wasp. To stop a bullet, Janet had shrunk herself down so small that she entered the Quantum Realm and noway returned.  For the final pinch mystification piece, Scott was also transferred to steal a signal bait from an old Stark diligence installation, not knowing that Tony had lately converted the installation into punishers Headquarters. Scott, as Ant-Man, scuffled with Falcon, making off with the signal bait.  

Hank’s pinch 

literacy that Cross had beefed up security at Pym Technologies, Scott brought Luis, Kurt, and Dave in to help with the plan. His musketeers enabled him to insinuate the installation just as Cross was about to vend the Pym flyspeck–powered Yellowjacket suit to Hydra. During a  battle, Cross shot Hank and took off inside the Yellowjacket suit, causing Scott to pursue him and crop Pym tech against Cross tech.   

Never Cross a Yellowjacket  

When Scott Lang stumbled into Hank Pym’s war with his former lab adjunct Darren Cross, he snappily created an adversary of his own in the process. Cross saw himself as a man suitable to crush the original Ant-Man as well as any new rookies, but he undervalued Lang’s tenacity and cleverness when he made the big mistake to hang a little girl with a father who’d moved the world for her.  The dogfight ultimately led to youthful Cassie’s bedroom where, to save his son, Scott did the unbelievable and shrank himself down to subatomic size so that he could destroy Cross and the Yellowjacket suit. Cassie’s voice, as she called out for her pater, shook Scott out of his Quantum Realm reverie and allowed him to suppose presto enough to escape. Once Scott was out, Hank was astonished that he was suitable to return, making Hank wonder if Janet was also still alive in the Quantum Realm.   latterly, Lang enjoyed being eaten back into his wife’s home and life to visit with Cassie. He also formed a relationship with Hope van Dyne, Pym’s son, and while they had met under lower-than-perfect conditions, the two sounded to be falling for each other.   Lang viewed Hank Pym as a tutor and father figure, appreciating the scientist’s belief in him when everyone differently sounded to hold him in misprision and mistrust. For Pym, Lang was his way to continue Ant-Man’s heritage and help him right the wrongs he sees around him.  

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