Four Signs You're Being "Wokefished" in a Relationship


Four Signs You're Being "Wokefished" in a Relationship


Despite the fact that the internet and modern technology have made it simpler for us to discover love, they have also made it much easier for us to control that love and our partners to satisfy our emotions and wishes. The term "wokefishing," which is used to characterize someone who depicts themselves as having more progressive ideals than they actually do, is another one of the dishonest dating tactics. Being "awake," a term used to describe having an awareness of social justice issues, is a result of that. But this one goes a step further because it involves being "woke" in front of a potential date. Most men will exaggerate their level of sophistication in an effort to win your favour.

Here are four warning signs that you're being "wokefished" during dating, to help you avoid being tricked.

1. He breaks his promises: He starts out by complimenting your dedication to your job before going on to continuously criticise it while acting as though it's all in good fun. Your life can be completely changed by a toxic individual, and before you know it, their priorities have taken precedence over your own. This man would never date a woman with a dark complexion, despite his complaints against racism. In this circumstance, your partner might not be in touch with his emotions, which would make all they say and do invalid.

2. Establishing a future relationship based on false information: It will always result in pain. People are under some pressure right now to take part in discussions on racial issues, the environment, exhibiting compassion for others, and local and international reform. To put it another way, some people lie because they are aware that if they appear careless, they won't advance.

3. He can be seen to be misleading others: Despite how good he is at appearing to be with you, his prejudices will show when he is around other people. Pay close attention to his behaviour so you can see how he acts around people he doesn't want to date. It is pointless to worry about loneliness or to believe that you will never find another companion who is as attentive if he lacks social skills and may even lash out at you in the future.

4. His actions scream latent gender bias: Even the most progressive people occasionally adopt gender stereotypes, but this may be quite problematic in a relationship because your partner might treat you differently based on their own gender presumptions. If your boyfriend demands that you dress and groom yourself to a flawless standard and complains that the way you look might "provoke" attention from others, he is misogynistic.

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