How much does breast reduction cost in India?

 How much does breast reduction cost in India?

Breast reduction surgery is also called 'reduction mammaplasty.'It is one of the most popular and common types of surgery in India. Being a female myself I can understand how much women are complex and curious about having a good body image. Having fine-looking breasts is one of them. Due to age factors, childbirth, and existing health issues, women can have sagging breasts that might not look very pleasant when it comes to physical appearance. So women get very much worried about rectifying those issues through surgery as an alternative. The more skin starts to hang around the breast area of a woman, the more the chances of her feeling the heavy weight of her breasts as if something is hanging in there. It might lead to various other complications with your age & time. 

With the help of breast reduction surgery, women improve their overall breast appearance by getting the extra tissues, skin, and fat over their breasts removed. Even the sagging fallen breast causes discomfort & creates problems while wearing certain types of dresses, all of this can be removed with the help of breast reduction surgery. Women feel a sense of comfort, confidence, light & relief in their bodies. The charges for breast recursion surgery varies for every city in India & are not covered under insurance. Although, there are very flexible payment options provided by doctors & renowned hospitals for conducting the surgery successfully. This way it gets affordable for many common people. In this article, we are going to raise awareness about the cost charged by Indian hospitals for conducting breast reduction surgery in India. 

Cost of Breast Reduction in India 

The cost of breast reduction in India varies according to different states, cities, and localities. Even the experience of doctors, their area of expertise, and the total number of successful cases they have handled so far play a vital role in deciding the overall cost of your surgery. After this, the hospital charges are also included in the surgery fees including medications fees, hospital admission fees, administration fees, makeover staff fees, and hospitality fees. The overall fee charged by doctors & hospitals in India for conducting Breast reduction surgery ranges somewhere between INR 80,000 to INR 1,16,450. Based on the individual case of the patient & the extent to which breast reduction is required by them, the cost will vary. Breast reduction surgery has been an important topic of discussion for years now. With money, what can not be done? Using your money the right way, you can find the best of the best surgeries for yourself. Here is a brief representation of the cost of breast reduction surgery in different cities of India - 

  • Bangalore - In Bangalore city, the average cost of breast reduction surgery is Rs. 98159. The overall cost lies somewhere between Rs. 72500 - 230000 based on the individual patient case. 

  • Chennai - In Chennai, Rs. 125875 is the average cost for undertaking breast reduction surgery. Although, the range of cost lies between Rs. 71500 - 200000 & is subject to change based on the individual case. 

  • Coimbatore, - Here, in this city, the average cost to conduct a breast reduction surgery is Rs. 38045. The cost range varies between Rs. 70000 - 47556 based on the individual case. 

  • Hyderabad, - Here, in Hyderabad, the average amount required to conduct the surgery is Rs. 75595. The total cost range might be between Rs. 72500 - 150000 for successfully conducting the entire surgery. 

  • Kolkata - As per the last 10-year records, the average cost for breast reduction surgery in Kolkata is approx Rs. 98750. The total cost might go up to 3 lacs & the range usually varies between Rs. 71000 - 300000 for every case. 

  • Mumbai, - Being one of the most crowded cities, the availability of qualified doctors is huge. Due to this reason, the expenses or fees for conducting all types of surgeries here are 50 times more than in other cities. On average, the doctor in Mumbai charges Rs. 89717 for successfully conducting the surgery. Although, the cost might vary based on your current situation, & the expertise of the doctor is between Rs. 75000 - 244000. 

  • New Delhi, Delhi is another popular city where we have an enormous list of popular doctors. The average doctor in Delhi charges Rs. 92881 for breast reduction surgery. Overall the maximum cost might lie between the range of Rs. 74500 - 200000 for different cases. 

  • Pune - In Pune, the average cost to conduct a breast reduction surgery is Rs. 84957. Based on the experience of the doctor, & individual cases, the cost range of the surgery is between Rs. 73500 - 172000. 

Key Takeaways 

Physical appearance matters a lot to women as it is directly related to their self-esteem & self-confidence. The more confident she is about her body parts, the more she can go outside & take part in various activities. Women often feel bad about their hanging skin over the breast area, leading to decreased confidence. But, with the help of great reduction surgery, women can fight this issue & remove the extra fat accumulated over their breasts making them look fit, fine & uplifted. Society often has ill eyes on such faults making it difficult for them to walk freely around the road. All such leads to insecurities, anxiety,  stress & ultimately depression. Everything can be treated with the right surgery today. 

The cost of breast reduction surgery is not usually covered under medical insurance & is quite high, not that it needs to be completely paid by the patient itself. It is so because it's not considered a medical emergency problem & hence is voluntarily done by women to change the appearance of the breast. The cost lies between 80,000 to 1,16,450 & is subject to vary based on the individual case, doctor's fee, city, hospital administration charges, experience, medication fee & various other factors. Consult your case with the doctor & then proceed with the treatment. In case of any trouble, you might face breast reduction surgery treatment, so get it checked asap. 

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