Is labiaplasty considered a gynecological surgery?

Is labiaplasty considered a gynecological surgery?

As reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), more than 10,000 procedures of labiaplasty take place every year. Various types of plastic surgery options are available today than ever yet it is not mandatory for every woman and even it can not be taken up by every woman. Yet, it is something that is done all by the voluntary reasons of women. As a result of the labiaplasty cosmetic surgery process, you might feel certain side effects such as reduced vulvar sensitivity, chronic dryness

as well as numbness. A woman might also get some scars as a result of the surgical process. The problem that will be encountered here is that you might experience painful vaginal sex. It sometimes might lead to bleeding, irritability & discomfort. Labiaplasty is a type of gynecological surgery & is generally conducted to decrease the size of a labia minora such that there is no chance of it falling under the labia majora. 

It is a sort of plastic surgery procedure that is intended to be done for cosmetic reasons. Labiaplasty can be noted by women when they feel like their labia are too long to be true. Moreover, this treatment is considered to be a medical necessity only for specific cases. Especially, while having sexual intercourse with your partner, it might get tucked or sucked into your vaginal region. It furthermore would lead to huge discomfort & irritability. This entire process of labiaplasty is also going to result in making your labia more symmetrical. In this article, you are going to learn about whether or not labiaplasty is a gynecological surgery. 

Is labiaplasty a gynecological surgery?

Yes, labiaplasty is a gynecological surgery procedure. Gynecological surgery is a big umbrella term for conducting surgery on the internal part of women. There are mainly two types of labiaplasty surgery. The first one is trim labiaplasty and the second one is wedge labiaplasty. It is generally considered to be an outpatient procedure where the surgery is completed within a few hours & the patient gets discharged the very same day. In the case of a trim labiaplasty, the entire outer area covering the labia of a woman is eradicated by the doctor. This way all the excessive skin tissues get removed making the size of your labia smaller. Once the surgery is completed, everything is stitched back into place. In case of a wedge labiaplasty, the surgeon removes the v-shaped part or the wedge of your labia. It is done usually at the lowest point which generally results in the reduced size of the labia. In case of the over-resection of labia and removal of the skin from its part, labia can be prevented from performing their actual job and tasks. It could lead to less heavily negatively influencing the vaginal region and become so open that anything can be gotten inside of it easily without any problem at all. If this starts to happen often, then your vagina is at risk of getting infected by harmful bacteria. If this continues to happen, then that day is not far when you might get under the trap of vaginal cancer. 

Before starting the surgery, you will be put in an anesthesia state so that you fall asleep & do not feel any pain while the surgery is going on. The trim labiaplasty as well as the wedge labiaplasty gets completed within the time frame of 1 to 1.5 hours. Labiaplasty is a type of gynecology surgery that is not meant for every woman. Your intent to do this surgery least matters here as what's more important is to meet the eligibility criteria for getting this labiaplasty done to you. You will be diagnosed by the doctor initially to check if you are fine enough to go ahead with this surgery. It might take you around 1 whole week to improve your condition. The doctor will advise you on some medications, gels, and ice packs to relieve the swelling & itching. The cold packet can be placed in between the place of elastic garments like Spanx & your underwear. Furthermore, to be able to go back to normal reality where you are performing the day-to-day activities smoothly without any interruptions might take up to 4 to 6 weeks. After that, you can normally do the lifting, do heavy exercises, have sexual intercourse with your partner, or wear tampons without any worry. 

Key Takeaways 

We hope that the above article on labiaplasty was able to give you some good insights into this core subject & clarified your doubts about whether it falls under the category of cosmetic gynecology or whether it is something different from it. Like any other surgery, the labiaplasty is also going to cause you some discomfort, swelling, as well as minor scars after the surgery is completed. But after taking the proper recommendations and following the guidelines provided by the doctor you will be in a better place to heal yourself within one or two weeks of the period through the right use of medications, gels, etc. Very often the results that you get from the labiaplasty are guaranteed & there is more than 91% success rate of the surgery. It effectively betters the overall genital appearance furthermore leading to increased & improved sexual pleasure. 

Labiaplasty is generally nothing but a part of cosmetic gynecology that helps in minimizing the size of the labia minora. If you go through any sort of discomfort problem, irritability, or any problem then you should immediately contact your surgeon or doctor and get yourself treated. Also, make sure to discuss your profile in depth with the doctor at your first meeting itself so that the doctor is aware of all the surgeries you have taken up so far. Also, discuss your entire situation & existing health issues, & then only he can guide you with the right process. Any false information provided by you might lead to some sort of failure or irritability later on in the future.

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