How much does cosmetic gynecology cost in India and what are the procedures involved?

How much does cosmetic gynecology cost in India and what are the procedures involved?

Cosmetic gynecology has been adopted by various women today due to its immense benefits that are irresistible to every woman. But are you sure if it's going to be the right kind of treatment option for you?  Well, we can answer that but you need to get in touch with the doctor and have a proper consultation by discussing your case, the list of surgeries that you have taken up so far, and your current health conditions as well as your profile. And, then you will be treated and guided with the right remedy. Cosmetic gynecology is meant for those women who are not happy with the overall appearance, color, or size of their vagina or any other private parts. Moreover, cosmetic surgery can also be taken up if they have ever faced difficulty while urinating or while it's not properly functioning in terms of giving you sexual pleasure. 

Such kinds of problems can occur after childbirth, due to age factors or excessive exercise and gyming as well, so all of these can be rectified by increasing the lubrication and the tightness in your vagina using cosmetic gynecology procedures. Cosmetic gynecology is an umbrella term that comprises many further surgery options. These treatments can be done either in surgical or nonsurgical ways although both have their own pros & cons. Well, in this article you are going to learn in-depth about the entire procedure of cosmetic gynecology as well as the cost that is going to be incurred once you take up the surgery.

What are the procedures of Cosmetic gynecology in India? 

The entire process of cosmetic gynecology is going to be started by putting the patient in the anesthesia state where he does not feel any pain or discomfort while surgery is going on. Here are the entire cosmetic gynecology procedures -

  1. Monsplasty: It decreases the size of bulging-out mons. Generally, it gives a nice shape to the bikini bridge. Moreover, it shapes up, lifts up & tightens up the breast. When you wear deep neck & bold dresses, your surgery results become highly visible, feminine & elegant to look at. 

  1. Hymenoplasty: It repairs the hymen of a woman. It recreates the whole hymen of a woman that was broken earlier might be due to the excessive pressure coming from cycling. 

  1. Labiaplasty: It is used for reducing the size of the lips of the patient's vagina. It further improves the outlook of the inner labia. 

  1. Vaginoplasty: It involves tightening the vagina through some incisions, and cuts & stitching them together. 

  1. Hoodectomy: It deals with lessening the size of the clitoral hood & increasing its functioning. 

What is the cost of Cosmetic gynecology in India? 

It is very much crucial for every patient to understand the cost of cosmetic gynecology before they say yes to the treatment. Please understand that this entire treatment of cosmetic gynecology is not going to be covered within a few bucks or let's say 10,000 or 20,000 Indian rupees. It is going to be way more than that. So when you first book an appointment & consult with the doctor, ask him about the entire procedure as well as the cost that is going to be incurred before and after the completion of the surgery. On average, the cost of cosmetic gynecology in various hospitals in India lies somewhere between two lakhs to three lakhs. Although this amount may have some sort of variations that means, this amount can be somewhat larger than this number or lesser than this number based on several parameters. The charges are going to be completely based on the location of the doctor, the expertise of the doctor, the total years of experience he holds in the relevant field, his degree as well as the total number of successful cases he has handled so far. 

If you wish to go out with the same type of surgery from outside India then you are going to be charged more than 10 lakhs. Also, note that the cost incurred while conducting the cosmetic gynecology surgery is not covered under medical insurance. So, if you are thinking about taking up or managing the entire cost through medical insurance then it is not going to be the right treatment for you by any means. It is so because cosmetic gynecology surgery treatment is something that is voluntarily done to alter or renew or refresh the vaginal parts of women and it is not considered to be a medical emergency or a necessity. That is why whatever the cost of surgery is incurred, that has to be covered completely from your pocket although some hospitals provide monthly EMI facility options which means you can pay every month. So it is advised to understand the entire cost of the surgery then you will be in a better state to know whether or not the surgery is going to be the right option for you & your future.

Key Takeaways 

With the help of this article today, now you have a brief idea about the cosmetic gynecology procedure as well as the cost that is going to be incurred while conducting the surgery. So, now it is thoroughly up to you whether you want to take up the surgery or not after knowing all the pros and cons of the surgery. Also, make sure to do and conduct your research online by checking the reviews and the cases that have been handled by the doctor so far. It will give you much more confidence to get closer to the success rate of the surgery. Also in case of any discomfort or in case of any problem that you might come across or face during or after the surgery, it is highly recommended to interact with the doctor and get it sorted as soon as possible before it gets too late.

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