What is the tummy tuck procedure and how is it performed?

 What is the tummy tuck procedure and how is it performed?

Tummy tucker surgery is also known as abdominoplasty and there are several women and men out there in India and worldwide who go ahead with this type of surgery. It removes all the excess skin tissues and fat from your abdominal area and makes it look more toned, flat, and smoother.  Henceforth, as a result, your entire profile improves so that you can look more attractive & pleasant to others. Apart from this, the tummy tucker surgery also helps in restoring the weak muscle in your abdomen area. People go ahead with this type of surgery to regain back the lost confidence & self-esteem and to look better than they were looking before. There are various pros and cons to every kind of surgery undoubtedly so doctors will make you aware of everything in advance and based on your current situation only you will be advised with the right type of remedy. 

Apart from this, there are several other cases where you might have gone through abdominal surgery or any other kind of surgery before, so in that case, going ahead with the abdominoplasty might not give you the desired results so it's better to understand everything in advance. The surgery is not like a direct process, it needs to be done in several steps and each step has its importance. You cannot miss out on any step and jump on the last step to accomplish the results. In this article, you're going to get well-versed with the entire procedure of a tummy tuck surgery so that you get prepared in advance before actually going ahead with the surgery.

What is the Tummy Tuck procedure? 

Tummy tuck surgery follows a step-by-step procedure to get the desired result for the patient. The surgeons use incisions, sutures, injections, and medications. Here is the step-by-step process to make you understand the tummy tuck procedure - 

Step 1: Anesthesia: In the first step,  the doctor will put you in the anesthesia state so that you least feel the pain during the surgery. This entire tummy tuck surgery is often considered to be a painless procedure although you might feel some sort of discomfort while the surgery is going on and after the surgery is being done. The doctor will put you in a relaxed state by giving you certain medications or injecting the injection to insure your body puts you under the anesthesia state where you least feel the pain. Even the anesthesia process has two kinds of choices to make. The first anesthesia process is a general anesthesia process and the other processes are intravenous sedation. 

After thoroughly understanding your entire case and profile better the doctor will recommend the right type of choice that is perfect for you. 

Step 2: The Incision: In between the belly button and public hairline the horizontal incision needs to be done for a full tummy tuck. To determine the exact length and shape of the incision you need to check the amount of extra skin the patient has.  After the process of lifting abdominal skin has been completed the weak abdominal muscles also get repaired. To remove excessive skin tissues from the upper abdomen area the incision is done a second time towards the naval. Same as the window shade, the topmost abdominal skin is taken out. Once this process is done the extra amount of skin tissues are taken out by trimming it and the remaining skin on the abdominal area is sutured together. After this process, the location of the belly button is also shifted to a new place, and then once the belly button's new shape is made then the remaining skin around it is sutured together.

Step 3: Incision closing process: Since you have opened the front end abdominal area for conducting the tummy tuck surgery now once the process is done completely you need to close those open areas. To accomplish this process tapes, sutures clips, skin adhesives, cotton, etc are used to effectively shut down the skin incisions.

Step 4: Final Results: The final results you get will blow your mind. After tummy tuck surgery, you will notice that the entire extra skin on your tummy has been tucked inside. The entire abdominal contour looks more toned, firm, and flatter. Every part of your tummy looks perfectly synchronized with your actual body weight, height, and body type. Now,  your lost self-confidence has come back and you can easily wear the body hug dresses or other dresses of your dreams without any worry. You might experience temporary discomfort and pain but that will go away in some time. 

Key Takeaways 

As the name suggests, the tummy tuck surgery tucks your tummy inside making it look more flat and pleasant. We live in a judgmental world and it's often normal to feel like changing your physical appearance

to some extent so that you can be more confident in whatever task you do & socialize without any anxiety. 

Although different people have different reasons to go ahead with the tummy tuck surgery. Most of them want to tighten their muscles and are more concerned about their internal health and every reason is pretty much fine. 

After having detailed communication with a doctor you will get to know if this treatment is right for you or not and how you can go on with this surgery. If he approves your profile on taking up the surgery then you need to follow certain procedures and certain things before conducting the surgery and during the surgery, the entire process has to be followed in a step-by-step manner to accomplish the desired results. After the surgery, you might have to follow the post-surgery guidelines provided by the doctor for a few weeks. It might take a few months to recover the scar and stretch marks but all is well when the end is well.

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