How to dress formally in any business meeting?


How to dress formally in any business meeting? 

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A business meeting is a formal meeting between two companies or individuals regarding some sort of business proposal, expansion of business, and formal discussion. It is important for the improvement of a company. When you are in such a meeting, presenting yourself as a professional is a must and significant contribution to success.

How to dress for a business meeting is mainly based on the type and setting of the meeting. Attire for any business meeting could be casual or formal depending upon the requirement.

What are the different kinds of attire for women for a business meeting?

Business attire for women could be divided as follows: 

  1. Traditional Business Attire for Women: The most formal business attire for women consists of pantsuits or skirt suits with a formal business blouse, pantyhose or stockings, and close-toed leather shoes or heels. Dress worn should be conservative and business-minded and should be accompanied by only elegant and subtle accessories.

  1. Smart Business Casual Attire for Women: Smart business casual attire for women include a dressy sweater or jacket with high-quality dress pants or a skirt, a conservative business blouse or turtleneck, pantyhose and dress shoes.

  1. Business Casual Attire for Women: The most appropriate casual attire at a business meeting or function, business casual attire for women is classy but less strict than formal attire. It includes nice pants like khaki or wool pants, an appropriate skirt, a business blouse without a vest or jacket and attractive leather shoes.

What not to wear in a business meeting? 

There are some of the things which are significantly not to be worn during a business meeting: 

  1. Synthetic materials: If you’re working out on an important business deal, stay away from synthetics as you’ll probably feel uncomfortable and start to sweat. Dark sweat patches on the shirt or blouse are not a good look during a meeting, so it is advised to stick to natural materials such as cotton. Natural materials are much more comfortable against your skin and are also breathable, which is great for stressful meetings.

  1. Jeans and t-shirts: It is important to create a good first impression, so even if your office has a casual dress code, don’t attend any business meeting in scruffy jeans and an old t-shirt.  It gives an unprofessional look and can give the impression of you being uninterested in your work as you are in your appearance.

  1. Short skirts and low-cut tops: Even though you may have a great body, you don’t want colleagues and clients staring at your legs or cleavage during a meeting. If you want to be taken seriously, make sure you wear a knee-length skirt and a classic shirt that’s not too revealing.

  1. Flashy accessories: Business meetings are not supposed to be attended over decorative or overly done anything. Dangly earrings, bracelets, big rings and extravagant necklaces may give the impression of you showing off and can detract from your presentation. Some jewelry is fine,but sticking to classic items that blend in with your outfit is a wise decision. The same rule goes for shoes: you don’t want people to be more focused on your expensive shoes than they are on you, so save them for nights out instead of trips into the office.

  1. Flip-flops: It can be an incredibly hot day and far too stuffy for socks, but wearing flip flops makes it look unprofessional. You may go sockless in the summer, there are plenty of smart, flat shoes around. Ladies can also wear ballet pumps or sandals. 

  1. Wet hair: You may regularly go for a swim before work, or use your lunch hour to get in a workout at the gym, but turning up to a meeting with wet hair is quite not acceptable. It gives the impression of you being in a rush or having no interest in your appearance. Your hair must be dried before any business meeting and always keep a brush handy to tidy up your locks before that big, important meeting.

Why is it important to wear appropriate business attire to meetings?

Every employer has the right to have some standard dress code. An employer hires employees for the company's wellbeing and employees are like the backbone of a company. You are required to wear appropriate business attire to meetings as it shows that you are focused on performing your duties and it gives a professional look kind of impressive in front of your clients. It shows your modesty and how serious you are about your work. 

In the office itself too you are required to dress appropriately as you can be asked anytime to attend a meeting, or any client may come without prior notice. You must be ready and look presentable every time to crack any deal. Your image is your company's image, so positive image building of your company is in your hands. 

How does dress influence your impression?  

Formal dress shoes that you are focused on performing your duties and you take your responsibilities seriously. It shows your professional approach, and it is quite attractive for the clients. 


Business meetings are an important part of business and are usually for business and company's growth. It is hence required to be presentable and look professional at the same. Wearing formal attire for business can be quite impressive for clients and other delegates. Your choice of clothes has a significant role in how people perceive you. So, it is said to dress formally in a business meeting. 

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