Is it possible to have twins naturally?

 Is it possible to have twins naturally?

Motherhood is the most lovely time for any female! Having a single child gives so much happiness, just imagine what happiness would look like if she gets two times blessed with twins. Giving birth to a child is a very important part of every woman's life. Most of us wish to have twin children where we get two siblings together to accompany each other. They can stay as best friends and accompany each other during the bad times. When a woman gets blessed with a twin child, one fertilized egg splits into two embryos or the two different eggs get fertilized at one time of pregnancy. People have been making assumptions to increase the likelihood of having twins but there are no studies or any other proven ways yet to justify this. Having said that, certain factors improve and increase your chances of giving birth to twins. 

As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the last 40 years the rate at which twin pregnancy has been increasing has almost doubled. The sudden rate increase has mostly been by natural means. Well in other cases, fertility treatment has been contributing immensely to giving birth to twins, and there is almost one-third of pregnancies that have been blessed with twins through such fertility pregnancy treatments. In this article, you are going to get well versed with the idea and the concept of whether or not you can get blessed with a twin child all by natural phenomena.

Can I have twins Naturally?

Yes, you can have twins naturally. Several factors contribute to giving birth to twins without any external effort. Let's discuss all the likelihoods of women that can increase their chances of giving birth to twins

1. Age: Age is one of the biggest factors that can decide whether you are going to have twins or not. This being said, women who are aged 30 years or more are 10 times more likely to produce more than one egg during their reproductive cycle as compared to younger women. In such a case, if both the produced eggs get fertilized by a sperm, then there are higher chances of you getting twins. It's also proved to be true according to the related researchers and studies. According to one of the online studies, 'Office on Women’s Health, ' Women who have reached 30 years of age or more have higher chances of giving birth to twins today or in the future. 

2. Specific diet: Although there is no research to prove this, there are certain people who claim that by inculcating a certain diet in your daily life you can have twins. For this, most people recommend eating green vegetables, fresh fruits, and dry fruits. Most of them also claim that eating junk food and packaged food contains certain substances in them that reduce a chance of a healthy baby as well as twins. So, avoiding them is something that is recommended by doctors. The best part of all is that having a healthy diet daily is not only going to make you closer to having twins but also will help keep your body healthy and safe from certain illnesses and complications during conceiving the baby. 

3. Family History: Your family history plays a major role in conceiving twins all by natural means. If you have a strong history in your family of people who have ever conceived twin children then there are higher chances of you conceiving twins in the future. Although if twins have been from your maternal side then your chances are 50% higher as compared to having a twin history from your paternal side. Having said so it should be made clear that your family should not have gone through any type of fertility treatment to conceive twins. Although there is no proof to justify the statement, it's still true that having twins is going to be skipped by one generation. So it means that if your grandparents had twins then you are likely to have twins too. 

4. Height & Weight: According to an ASRM source online, so many women have heavy body weights as well as being blessed with taller heights. Such women are more prone to giving birth to twins as compared to those women who have less weight and are shorter. Although there might be so many reasons behind that yet researchers are still to come up with the correct answer to why this happens. This being said, it's also claimed that these women have better nutrition and healthy habits as compared to weaker women which increases their chances of giving birth to twins. Due to their good body weight, they have more privileges available for the overall development of their fetus. 

Key Takeaways 

Undoubtedly, all women can try out many things that can intensify their chances of giving birth to twins rather than only one child. But in reality, we should accept the fact that there is nothing that has been proven to give birth to twins all by natural means. Since it's all based on your family genetics, history, your diet, your age factor, and your body weight, you can work on improving these things for getting twin children. Furthermore, if a woman wishes to understand whether she is going to have twin children or not, she needs to undergo the entire ultrasound process. We also advise you to visit your gynecologist regularly so that you can have a healthy pregnancy period and a healthy child. Women also need to keep track of certain symptoms that they might face during the entire course of pregnancy. Some of these symptoms are intense morning sickness and a very heavy weight gain. Also, you should take a proper consultation with your doctor to have clarity on what can be done on your behalf to have twins. The doctor might suggest some lifestyle changes and a good intake of food that can help you in this journey.

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