What are the procedures involved in breast reduction?

What are the procedures involved in breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery has been one of the most successful surgeries so far. Several women go ahead with this type of surgery every year with the motive of changing the overall appearance of how their breast looks. There are multiple reasons like the increasing age, breastfeeding and many other reasons that make both sides of the breast have an uneven proportion or an unsymmetrical shape and it might look very odd so it creates a problem while wearing new dresses or trying out some real body-fitted dresses. Apart from this, you might also face complications such as it might create heaviness in your neck & on your abdominal side. 

And you might be in that state where you will find it very much unusual and difficult to handle the weight of your breast. So to remove such hanging as well as the sagging breast, breast reduction surgery is being done. Once the surgery gets completed, both sides of it will have equal proportions. And all the extra skin tissues or excessive skin and other relevant things accumulated there will get eradicated from that field. In this article, you are going to learn about the procedure of breast reduction. 

What is Breast Reduction? 

Breast reduction surgery is a type of operation that deals with removing all the excess skin tissues, skin cells, or heavily accumulated fat from your breast. Breast reduction surgery is 80% considered by women who have highly large breasts. Their sagging & hanging breasts cause various difficulties for her like pain in the neck, pain in the back, etc. It might also create disproportionate breasts from both sides that look uneven & bad while trying out different clothes. So, most women also take up Breast reduction surgery to build up confidence by looking good & pleasing. Even men can also take up this type of breast reduction surgery in case they are suffering from gynecomastia where they face abnormally enlarged breast size. Although, the ratio of men taking up breast reduction surgery is very minimal as compared to the number of women. 

What is the Procedure for Breast reduction? 

In this section, we are going to discuss the entire procedure involved in breast reduction surgery. Like every other surgical method, Breast reduction surgery also starts with putting you in the anesthesia state & doctors wait until you are fully asleep so that they can initiate the surgical process. Breast reduction surgery can be done via various methods & the technique that's right for you will be eventually decided by the doctor after the diagnosis & evaluation of your case. This analysis is generally done based on the overall health condition as well as the shape & size of your breast. The entire course of Breast reduction surgery is going to take somewhere between 2 hours to 5 hours & is subject to vary based on your case & to the extent to which reduction of a breast is required. Breast reduction surgery is an outpatient surgery. It means that the doctor will allow you to leave the hospital within the same day or he might ask you to stay there for one or two nights based on the severity of your case. Here is how the different techniques are used for conducting the breast reduction surgery -

  1. Inverted-T or anchor: This type of breast reduction surgery is done for those women patients that have huge sagging breasts & require large amounts of corrections in their breast region. Using the Inverted-T or anchor breast reduction method, the unevenness across your breast can also get widely improved. The process generally starts by making huge cuts across the areola and then these are dragged to the breast crease & then they go to the underneath part of your breast. 

  1. Liposuction: A thin tube is going to be inserted inside your skin. This tube will be connected to the vacuum. Its use is to suction all the extra fluids, skin tissues as well as fats from your breast area. If breast reduction surgery is required to be done on the smaller part, then for this type of person this skin snaps back into place, the liposuction breast reduction surgery is going to be the best alternative. 


  1. Vertical or lollipop: In this type of breast reduction surgery, the cuts are formed in the outer region of the areola & go till the breast creases. Furthermore, it removes all the extra fat & tissues from your breast. Ultimately they reshape your breast and stitch all the cuts properly to achieve the lifted breast. A woman patient who is undergoing sagging or hanging breasts, or if she requires moderate breast reduction, then this method is the best choice for you. 

Key Takeaways 

Breast reduction surgery is considered to be the best kind of remedy for you if you have hanging skin across a breast field or a sagging breast. It is also being done for those women who suffer from breast cancer. This surgery helps to make both sides of the breast even and in symmetrical shape so that it does not look odd while you wear new clothes. There are certain instances of women who have been surveyed, they told us that they face critical comments from society based on their large breasts and they were body shamed based on it. So they wanted to get rid of this problem by improving their body image & by becoming mentally stable.

Breast reduction surgery has various types that are individually meant for women with either very large hanging breasts or women who have very less sagging breasts. The treatment will also be based on the extent to which you need the reduction in your breast, extra skin tissues, etc. All of these factors also contribute to deciding the overall cost of the surgery as well as several other factors that decide the cost of the surgery such as the experience of the doctor, the location of the doctor as well as his degree, and the cases he has handled to date. 

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