What is a breast lift and how is it performed?

What is a breast lift and how is it performed?

Breast lifts have been done by various women out there today more than ever. As most women are very much particular about their physical appearance, and how they want to be looked at, perceived & judged by people. There is a remedy for every type of thought that comes to your mind for changing that into reality. Breast lift is one such procedure that makes our breasts look very fine, and very attractive and gives you a very beautiful body shape due to the perfect looking breast. In this article, you are going to learn about the breast lifting procedure, its meaning, and what all are its side effects. 

What is Breast Lift? 

Breast lifting is a surgical procedure that is conducted by an experienced surgeon whose overall aim is to alter or change the way your breast looks by giving it a more fulfilling and healthy appearance. During the breast lift procedure, the breast tissues are reshaped, & excessive skin is eradicated from the surface to give a more appealing look. As a part of the final result, you get a more uplifted breast. Mastopexy is also called breast lift by others. Those types of surgeries are done when you face basic problems like your nipples pointing downwards or you are facing sagging and hanging skin across your breast. This entire process can be done with the help of breast augmentation & breast reduction process. So ideally during this process, the size of the breast is not going to change by any means. Only the breast-uplifting part is going to be conducted during the surgery process.

What is the procedure of breast lifting? 

All the techniques and surgeries used during the breast lift process vary based on your individual case and the extent to which you need the breast lifting. Based on the technique recommended by the doctor for your case the incisions and the cuts in your breast areas are going to vary. For the overall purpose of reshaping your breast tissue and for eradicating all the excess skin from your breast, the doctor is going to put some incisions or make some cuts inside the dark region across your nipples which we call areolae. From that part, the doctor is going to move downwards towards the breast creases and then the incisions are going to be put in the horizontal direction along with the breast creases. 

For the overall purpose of reshaping your breast, the surgeon is going to put some stitches and sutures drop within the breast of a patient. The areola size is reduced using the stitches. Excessive skin tissue is eradicated from the surface & they are put in the above direction to make the breast look uplifted. Then all the remaining skin of the breast is tightened using skin adhesives or surgical tapes. The entire breast lift surgical process is not going to consume much of your time. It only takes approximately 2 hours to 3 hours and there are higher chances of getting discharged on the same day. But if you face excessive pain and bleeding and in other severe cases, the doctor might ask you to stay in the hospital for a day or so but in most cases, you get discharged on the same day. 

What are the side effects of breast lifting? 

There are various Side Effects related to breast lift surgery. That is why it is very much important to get in touch with the doctor on the initial days itself and note everything from head to toe about what is going to happen during the surgery and what is going to be it's repercussions so that once the surgery is completed, you don't feel anything regretful that you would not expect as a part of the final result. Once you are done with the breast lift surgery you might feel a sort of temporary numbness in that area although it's not going to be there for a very prolonged time yes it's going to be there for quite a while and you might feel as if there is nothing present in that area and it going to be quite discomforting and very much irritating. You need to learn to cooperate with that as within a few days it's going to get better. 

You might also experience swelling in that location so that swelling is going to be there for quite a few days and that is going to give a very weird impression to others at first glance but that swelling is eventually going to get better with the gels or medications provided by the doctor. Infection is another factor that people risk as a part of the side effects of breast lifting surgery. It is so because that area becomes very much open and very much prone to attracting bacterial infections. Those infections might give you very much discomfort & irritability and those infections might also lead to further complications if you forget to keep that area clean. 

It's always a better idea to ask your doctor to draw the guidelines on how to keep those areas safe from infections. Apart from this, you will also experience temporary discomfort as well as scars. Getting scars is very much normal whenever you go through any sort of surgery, though it is not going to be visible because that's going to be internal parts & might be visible only if you wear a deep bikini dress. But still, it might take a few days and even a few weeks to completely get rid of those scars and for them to heal completely from the roots.

Key Takeaways 

Breast lift is a very efficient surgical process that lifts your sagging and hanging breasts. So it takes away all of your insecurity by making you feel confident in your body & you can try out new dresses without the fear of getting judged or acknowledged by others as not being sufficient enough.

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