What is breast augmentation and how is the procedure performed?

What is breast augmentation and how is the procedure performed?

The breast augmentation process has been widely used by various women out there especially in India and other countries across the world. The major reason behind going ahead with this type of surgery is to increase and enhance the size of the breast to make it look quite bigger than what it has been before. We all know that the definition of being sexy and physically attractive is normally seen by how good a figure you have as a woman. So the woman might want to look appealing and beautiful because of which they might want to go ahead with the breast implantation surgery. Women prefer this surgery especially when a woman wants to choose a career where she has to look physically attractive for example if she wants to go into modeling or a catwalk or any other field that requires you to be physically appealing and in those cases, women especially go ahead with breast augmentation surgery. 

Today is the time when everything is possible. You just have to think of having a particular body shape, structure, or size whether it's your internal body parts as well and everything is possible through the wide range of surgeries available today. If you have enough money and you can go for the EMI options then everything is possible nowadays. You just need to find the right surgeon who is having certain years of expertise in the relevant field & who has a good background in the implementation of successful surgery cases that he has undertaken so far. You are then good to go ahead with whatever you desire by converting your thoughts into reality. Through this article, we are going to learn about the procedure that is held behind breast augmentation surgery and what it is actually in reality. 

What is a Breast Augmentation procedure? 

The procedure of breast implantation starts with putting you in an anesthesia state. This is the state where you are half asleep and half awake so you practically do not feel any sort of pain through the cuts or incisions to your body. In the first step, a single incision or cut will be made by the plastic surgeon in your body in three places respectively those three places are under your arm area known as the axillary, the nipple area known as periareolar and around the crease under the breast known as inframammary. Once the incision has been created by the surgeon than as a part of the second step the breast tissues will be separated from the connective tissues & muscles of your chest. On the front side or on the backside of the chest wall known as the pectoral muscle, the pocket gets created after this process. 

The implant is then put inside of this pocket & then it gets centered behind your nipple region. The silicon gel is used for filling silicone implants whereas this case is not true for other types of implantation. Whereas the process of inserting the other implants like saline implants is quite different. They are inserted directly and empty without any ingredient inside of it and then when they fit across the place they are meant to be poured with sterile salt water. The incision or the cuts held during the surgery is then stitched or closed by the surgeon as soon as the implant takes its desired position. This entire process involves the use of stitches, sutures, bandages, surgical tapes, skin adhesives, etc.

Once the surgery is done you will be asked to stay in the hospital for a week or less based on your case. It is so because doctors want to look after you during the entire week so that you can heal properly. At the time when your healing process starts, you might face some sort of bruising, soreness, pain, bleeding as well as swelling in that surgical region. Some women take approximately 2 weeks to 3 weeks to heal from the core surgical scars completely. Whereas the other set of women might take up to 2 months to get rid of the scarring that comes across as a part of the surgery process although it's meant to go away and fade out over time. You will be provided with some sort of gels, medications, and painkillers so that you don't feel excessive pain once you are in your conscious state as then you will no longer be in that anesthesia state after the surgery is done. Moreover, there will be some sort of sports bra or we can say the surgical bra that you will be asked to wear as soon as your surgery is done. It will help you to keep your breast in place so that it does not irritate you much and pain you less. This bra will support your breast by keeping them in their actual place. 

Key Takeaways 

We hope that the above article on breast augmentation was fruitful to you in understanding its core meaning and the procedure behind how it's done in reality by the surgeons. Breast augmentation has been basically in popularity for years back to date. It is done to gain more confidence and look more attractive and let go of all of your insecurities. Like every surgery, this type of surgery also has some sort of risk associated with it although the benefits you are going to get are worth noticing. 

Yes, it is always advised to get in touch with the doctor and ask everything about the surgery in advance so that once you are done with it, you have enough time to heal it by using the right remedies, precautions, and standards that are required for the healing process. In case of any discomfort like tightness, itching, infection, bleeding, or scarring after the process, you get in touch with your surgeon, or doctor and get yourself treated further.

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