What are the procedures, side effects and general information about cosmetic gynecology?

What are the procedures, side effects, self-esteem, and general information about cosmetic gynecology?

The awareness about the subject of female Genetics has been immensely rising among women, especially in India. Cosmetic gynecology has helped numerous women across the world in making their entire personalities in their desired way, giving them immense confidence and the ability to speak and participate in social activities. Cosmetic gynecology is a subcategory of gynecology that is concerned with improving and even rectifying various structures of genetics, vaginal area, abdomen, etc of women. In this article, you are going to learn about the procedures involved in Cosmetic Gynecology, as well as the side effects of Cosmetic Gynecology. You will also get to know about its core meaning in this article. 

What is Cosmetic Gynecology?

Cosmetic gynecology is a small part of the entire umbrella term of gynecology where various parts of a woman's body get corrected, rectified, and become more pleasing to others. Whether the woman is concerned about their vaginal appearance or labia or any other genital part of the body, everything can be rectified and can become more appealing and pleasing to others & she might live with the confidence as if she is a younger woman in her adulthood. So we can say that cosmetic gynecology is nothing but the overall makeover of your various body parts that looks ruined or bad & after which it brings you confidence, increases your self esteem, and ultimately makes you happy. 

There are various reasons why women should go ahead with cosmetic gynecology surgeries. It might be because childbirth, pregnancy, general scarring, accidents, and aging also can be the biggest factor in having an intention of making such body parts improvements. Women often feel insecure about their bodies and feel like they are less good-looking and appealing to others as compared to the rest of the women. So she wants to eradicate all those insecurities and that's one of the main reasons she goes ahead with this cosmetic gynecology.

What are the Procedures of Cosmetic Gynecology?

There are various types of cosmetic gynecology today available in India. Each of these has its own unique procedure and the procedure starts with putting you under anesthesia and then conducting the surgery. But, before that, you need to be well aware of the pros and cons of the surgery in advance so that there is no problem further. Once you know about all the benefits and all the disadvantages you are going to get once the surgery is completed, you will be in a better state to handle the situation. Here in the beneath section, we are going to present the list of procedures that is being conducted for successfully performing cosmetic gynecologist surgery -

1. Monsplasty - It is a type of procedure whose major purpose is to eradicate all the mons that are bulging out. It gets very annoying to have hanging breasts while wearing different types of dresses. With the help of this type of cosmetic surgery, the doctor is generally going to lift, tighten & bring your bikini bridge line back into shape. 

2. Labiaplasty - It is a type of cosmetic gynecology, where a doctor performs various surgical incisions to minimize the overall size of the vagibal lips. Henceforth, this way the entire appearance of the labia inside it also gets better. 

3. Hymenoplasty - This type of cosmetic gynecology procedure is intended to repair & reconstruct the overall hymen. So, the overall hymn gets recreated back onto its actual & desired shape that might have been ruined or broken due to excessive cycling, jumping, dancing, or horse riding.  

4.  Vaginoplasty - The overall motive of the vaginoplasty is to tighten the loose vagina inside of the patient. It makes you feel new, untouched & fresh. This way you can stay safe from various urinary leakage-related problems, lubrication issues, or problems encountered due to the lack of pleasure. 

5. Hoodectomy - It's a type of cosmetic gynecology procedure where the overall size of the clitoral hood gets minimized to a great extent. This way the desire for sexuality among the women gets enhanced as a result of this surgery & her sexual functioning also gets well where she enjoys & takes pleasure while having sexual intercourse with her partner. 

What are the Side Effects of Cosmetic Gynecology?

There are various Side Effects involved in cosmetic gynecology that many patients are not aware of. It's always a better idea to know all about all of these Side Effects or disadvantages of this type of surgery in advance so that once you Face them, as a patient you can handle it in a better way - 

1. Scarring: The first side effect is scarring. So various women might face scarring after the surgery is done. All those scars are internal and are very much less noticeable but might take time to heal completely for some women it takes some days for others it might take weeks up to months to heal thoroughly.   

2. Bleeding: The patient might have to face huge bleeding after she is done with the surgery. Bleeding is normal as a part of the incision healing process but you need to get in touch with the doctor and understand in advance what amount of bleeding is normal and what bleeding is not normal and at what time she should contact the doctor. 

3. Pain: The amount of pain a woman is going to feel depends on her case as well as the surgeon who is operating on her. Although, it's normal to feel the pain on the part where surgery is done it might be very much unbearable in some cases. So you will be given certain medications, and gels to overcome that pain. In the case of labiaplasty, the pain gets huge & when it comes to vaginoplasty, the pain haunts you like a deep ache.

Key Takeaways 

Cosmetic gynecology is a serious genital part reconstruction process with huge repercussions. Always take all remedies & precautions advised by a doctor in advance so that there is no scope of regretting later.

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