The day an infant is born, he or she brings many relations with them. The infants establish various relations with family like parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. All these relations are by birth and remain till the last breath. Few relations are made as one grows up; friends, partners, etc. The most important part of every person’s life is when he or she finds a mate/partner/confidant. In a world full of dating apps, finding the “perfect one” is a task in itself.

The most important and fundamental part of a girl’s life is her Upbringing. The manner in which she is welcomed, heard, understood, and motivated since childhood leaves a profound impact throughout her life. As rightly quoted by Abraham Lincoln, “Teach the child to lose and enjoy winning when they win gracefully”. The most sensitive stage of a person’s life is their childhood, when they are properly nurtured in their initial stages, they can do wonders and become fearless.

The most important trait in a girl when she is growing up is being fearless and herself. Another important stage while growing up is that of a teenager; neither a child nor an adult. The stage when they want everything under their control and build their own new world and new peers. It is a natural phenomenon, as they are on the verge of getting Puberty. The mixed phase of a teenager is that of puberty, where a tremendous amount of changes take place on their physical and emotional front.

The puberty stage is a turning point in everyone’s life, as one is vulnerable and openly exposed to both sides of the coin; good and bad. Proper knowledge, guidance, and support are required for teenagers round the clock so that they stay away from the bad aspects of society and focus on the good things.

When two people interact, they come to know about each other’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. Frequent meets, chatting, face time, etc. have become means of communication with effective results. The relationship is a two-way process, both genders have to equally input their time, efforts, and emotions. Every movie and series that one might have watched before getting into a relationship might have created an image that relationships are either magical or challenging. But the reality is that relations are what the couple makes it. It can remain magical if trust and loyalty remain. It can also turn challenging if both parties are not on the same page.

Relationships are a mutual understanding between both genders, but women tend to suffer, adjust and tolerate more when it comes to relationships. Here are a few things women should remember when in a relationship –

1.  Choosing a career, sticking to it – every person has a set of dreams which they wish to complete in their lifetime. As parents, their role is to motivate their children – both boys and girls to chase their dreams with full vigor. Being a woman should not put limits on her thoughts, beliefs, and principles. The role of both parents and mentors should be full of faith and confidence in her so that she can reach places and climb all peaks in her life. There should be full autonomy in a woman’s decision-making; in her career, and in her personal life. This helps boost her morale and keep her motivated. Being in a relationship does not mean giving up one’s career and dreams. Both genders should be equally passionate about their goals and should keep working towards them. In fact, both genders should motivate each other to achieve goals and remain goal-oriented.

2.  It’s totally fine to say NO – Intercourse is beautiful when both partners indulge in it with all the mood and soul. One of the partners is not being ok, it’s the responsibility of another partner to respect their stand and not end up being violent or forceful. Marital rapes end up shaking the whole foundation of the marriage and shattering all the good things. Being in a relationship does not give both parties entire authority over decisions. When it comes to intercourse, it should be mutual and full of respect.

3.  Dating Apps; A Bane and Boon – teenagers nowadays have become well equipped with gadgets. It has become easier for them to be online and surf everything. Nowadays, life partners and matches are also made online. Dating apps can be fruitful to some and can be a nightmare for some. Even if meetings, chatting, etc. occur regularly, it is very necessary to cross-check if your partner is loyal and trustworthy. One should be educated about the good and bad aspects of the internet, the time one spends on the internet, etc. In today’s Industrial revolution 4.0, it has become cheesecake for everyone to use the internet and get access to anybody’s privacy. Blackmailing, morphing photographs, etc. have become very easy. Usually, the women suffer in this case. So it is advisable for them to remain alert and ensure that their partner is reliable.  

4.  Have your own stand – being in a relationship is beautiful when both genders are at par in all manners; goals, personal life, desires, etc. A relationship is a bond between two people, not an agreement that anyone has to follow and obey. When it comes to women in relationships, many have let go of their careers, dreams, hobby, etc. just to fit in. Women try to be people-pleaser, they tend to please people to like them back, which does not occur often. This makes it more awkward for women and she becomes emotionally drained. Women should always keep in mind that they are not a box of chocolate, they cannot be liked by everyone. Having own choices, opinions, and standing for a woman is very necessary.

5.  Give time, and attention – working women have to juggle between home and office. They have a jam-packed week, left with only weekends in hand. Being in a relationship, she also has to make time for her partner equally. The relationship is not like a movie that can be watched only on weekends or once a month, it is a daily process, where both the partners grow together. If left unattended, it becomes challenging to cope. It’s always good to take time off from the busy schedule to catch up for a coffee, movie date, or dinner. This helps couples reduce stress, distance, and overthinking.

The things covered here are not only limited to women and teenagers but also to men. It is always a good thing to know your partner, their needs, the issues their facing, etc. with this a gender-neutral and gender-sensitive society is created. The ICCHORI website is spreading awareness and education in a lucid manner for women and related issues.

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