What happens when a woman takes an aphrodisiac?

 What happens when a woman takes an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiacs or let’s say a plate of arousal’ or a glass of passion. Aphrodisiacs are substances which range from food, drinks, spices, herbs or chemicals that boost sexual desire, and sexual pleasure. 

Aphrodisiacs hold a long history and references to medical sources and their valuable influence on sex in ancient Egypt, Greek, India and Africa. 

Aphrodisiacs are classified into 3 types based on their action. 1. Increase libido 2. Increase Potency 3. Sexual Pleasure. Natural Aphrodisiacs from plants are preferred due to fewer side effects. 

Biology behind Aphrodisiacs 

When a person encounters sexual stimuli through any of the five senses, signals are sent from the limbic lobe of the brain. Through this chain reaction, the brain sends neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine which indicates that the body is undergoing a pleasurable action or event. 

So, Aphrodisiac foods act as stimuli for this chain reaction in the body. This stimulus can influence the body or the brain which leads to sexual desire. For example, Red wine or any alcohol acts as a stimulus to encourage sexual emotions. Spicy food also invokes sexual desires because of the substances. For Instance, capsaicin in the chilly peppers stimulates sweating, elevated heartbeat and blood circulation which might trigger the body. Chocolate is everyone's favorite and happy food; chocolate contains phenylethylamine and serotonin which are also known as feel-good chemicals which in turn make the person happy, passionate and loving. 

Aphrodisiac foods are foods that contain testosterone or estrogenic compounds.  The human body chemically responds to food or any type of intake causing a chain of reactions in the mind or body. 

Though there is very little scientific research that supports the effectiveness of Aphrodisiac substances, our history says a lot that supports the same. 

Foods like Chocolate, Chilly peppers, Oysters, Okra, Avocado, Red wine, Pomegranate, Honey, Asparagus, Banana and many many others. The stimulus can be any of the other five senses, the sight of some foods that resemble the shape of genitalia like Cucumber, Banana, Eggs etc also invokes sexual desire. The smell of sandalwood, scented candles, mint and some perfumes also works as an Aphrodisiac. The first pharmaceutically released Aphrodisiac is Viagra. 

Yet, some Aphrodisiac drugs and herbs have side effects. Though Aphrodisiacs alleviate blood flow to the genitalia to enhance sexual desire; it also leads to Hypotension. Loss of Sex drive is also one of the most common side effects; overdosage can also lead to death. Many others like Allergic reactions, Kidney and liver damage, infertility and stomach pain. A herb named Yohimbe is found in India and Africa for centuries and is also known as herbal viagra. Unfortunately, it leads to anxiety, hallucination, paralysis and weakness. Spanish fly, extracted from dried beetle dung is the most spoken love drug; it causes blood to rush to the genital area. Spanish fly burns the throat and also causes urinary infection and inflammations in the urethral. 

Good Food for Good Sex! 

And of course, what better Aphrodisiac than the sight of your loved ones❤️

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