What is feminism and what are the school of thought for the feminism?

 What is feminism and what are the school of thought for the feminism?

Contrary to belief feminist are just women hating men it is a amulgum of many theories ,idealogies which is meant to achieve ,give and bring women the same opportunity, freedom rights,status and lifestyle which is given as a perk to men. 

Though it includes all gender like like trans and queer but women are given top priority as we turn the pages of history and present.  Women were always the oppressed one and always treated as second class to men  and if they achieved the desired freedom and right every other gender will follow.

How did the word Feminism came to term?

The credit of introducing the world goes to  

Mary Wollstonecraft and her work" A Vindication of the Rights of Women".

We can see the word fĂ©minisme appearing in France  in the 1870s which is also rumoured to have been used before it. The word referred to women's freedom and emancipation .

Than we came to the word fĂ©ministe which was coined by Hubertine Auclert in 1882 who was the French feminist and a participant in campaign for women's sufferage.It also meant the same .After that term "feminist"  was evolved around a congres in Paris . Then there was no looking back and the term was widespread globally in Great Britain and then America beginning in the 1890s.

Feminism and Society

We all know the dominance of men and that this patriarchal society is built in every aspect economical, political and cultural where women have little or no say . The people whom we can blame the most are colonizers and imperliazers of Europe.We glimpse of the condition of women at that time through work of Virginia Woolf's A Room of one's Own ,The Shakespeare's Sister or Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen.

All the matrilineal society was replaced by Western patriarchal society which revolves around men's rights, freedom and all the perks.

Hence ,Feminist idealogies is all about women how they can be achieve the status ,goals ,have equal say in financeand politics ,get better education etc. We all know it will take some time effort , some firm steps, voices have to raised to achieve the goals and equal place in society.

As mentioned earlier feminism includes cisgender, heterosexual women, but also queer, transgender, and gender-expansive people. It also considers the aspects of race, gender, sexuality, class, and others as they are the one exposed to more harsh conditions. Hence scholars keep in mind these intersections also while weaving the concept of feminism keeping in mind their life, freedom and rights.

1977 Combahee River Collective Statement is a statements given by black Feminists takes about how the person see the feminism who doesn't fall in these categories and is white and how different it is for him/her.

Feminism and Sexuality

By Sexuality here we mean behaviour , dressing and overall expectation of men and women from the society, for ex-  Men are expected to be tough ,stiff and strong and women more shy , fragile and  submissive and not to  speak or talk much and raise their opinions. In tables   also women are not to be taken much space as it is a way to show authority and power and they are seen as a distraction to men.

Let talk about the hypocratic society where if men are sexually active it seen as quite normal and if women do the same it seen as tabbo and their characters are questioned and seen as if they are dressed to arouse and asking for it  . Feminism does the opposite and it encourages women to embrace it rather than ashamed of it.

Feminism in Workforce

The way men and women are treated in work is entirely different in terms of wage ,perks , oppression ,leaves etc. They are constantly subjected to sexism and objection.

Despite so many acts and laws they face so much disadvantages and discrimination though it should be eliminated to bring safe and friendly working environment

What Feminism Is and What it Isn't?

Unlike the common opinion feminists are male hating it totally wrong they are just seeking same right, freedom and status as men which they have been denied so long. 

Feminist don't intend to violate or hurt other gender , culture , religion or political beliefs they just wany an equal , happy and just place to live.

Different School of thoughts for Feminism 

 There are several theories and school of thoughts for Feminism .The three mains are 

  • Radical Feminism 

  • Liberal / Mainstream Feminism 

  • Socialist or Marxists Feminism 

Radical Feminism

Radical Feminist are tend to more strict and oppose the current Patriarchal society and bring a culture change . They want to uproot patriarchal society without making any adjustments and see men as a dividing factor in the development of society and women.

Liberal /Mainstream Feminism

Liberal or mainstream feminist belives in democracy ,laws and changing the political condition of the society.They form groups to  raise their voice and use available resources and tools to bring change in condition of women. They trust the democratic system.

Socialist or Marxists Feminism 

As the name suggests these feminist belives in Marxist theory and wanted to achieve captial and financial freedom , education ,divorce , property laws etc. 

They believe women should not be legally depend on men through laws and practices and instead an independent individual who have own rights and freedom and achieve same quality of education and lifestyle as men

Other type of Feminism

  • Eco-Feminism
  • Cultural Feminism

  • 1990s Definitions of Feminism

  • Second-wave feminism

  • Individualist feminism


When we read and think about feminism it a never ending and very crucial topic which everyone should aware of and adopt because it includes all genders and interaction who are oppressed ,vulnerable denied of their basic freedoma and rights and don't enjoy equal privalages and status as men though they consist of ½ population of world .

We can only hope that this society changes and makes a safe , equal environment for women and that all the gender includes and intersections that they enjoy as much freedom, education,rights ,perks as men because without bringing all gender and intersections to the same level this will not be a fair world and society .


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