What is hyperovulation and how does it lead to multiple pregnancies?

 What is hyperovulation and how does it lead to multiple pregnancies?

Hyperovulation is a state where a woman gets multiple pregnancies at one time. There is no bracket to the number of children you can conceive at this point. Although it's not very common to see multiple pregnancies happening across the globe like having four children to 12 children still some cases might get real and you might end up giving birth to numerous children. Certain factors play a vital role in the case of hyperovulation. Women with a certain height, age, diet, and race are more prone to hyperovulation. There are certain instances and online studies that make us wonder how common hyperovulation can be in today's time. 

According to one of the studies conducted by Canadians in the early 90s that was published in the British Medical Journal states that more than 40% of the participants from a total of 63 people were having higher chances of getting more than one egg produced every month. Whereas another study states that ovulation can occur multiple times for a specific individual who is undergoing a hormonal imbalance problem. This means that a particular individual can get pregnant at any point in time. In this article, you're going to get well-versed in the understanding of what we mean by hyperovulation and how we can increase your chances of having multiple babies naturally.

What Is Hyperovulation? 

When at least two or more eggs get matured & released by the ovary during the ovulation process, then it is known as hyperovulation. Usually, there is only one egg that gets released by the ovary in the ovulation process every month in the menstruation cycle. In such a situation of hyperovulation, a woman gets pregnant with two or more babies in her belly. When a woman does not undergo any fertility treatment and still gets twins then there's only one reason that the sperm has fertilized 2 eggs instead of one for a single menstrual cycle. 

Following the same way in hyperovulation, a woman can get triplets or four to five babies, etc at one time. A woman has to either undergo the ultrasound process or use the ovulation kits to know if she is having multiple pregnancies or undergoing the hyperovulation process. If you are having a very stretchy and whitish color discharge from the vagina that is the biggest sign of hyperovulation. Many times,  women get multiple pregnancies naturally, while others have to do certain attempts & hard work to achieve it. 

How Does Multiple Pregnancy Happen Naturally? 

It's known to all of us that multiple pregnancies can be a result of hyper ovulation but there are so many other ways that can lead to multiple pregnancies. Let's understand this concept in detail through this article and let's know all the shows coming to your mind. If you have gone through the IVF or In vitro fertilization treatment then there is also a high chance of getting multiple pregnancies at one time. In the case of IVF treatment, more than one embryo gets transferred to the woman's uterus. Whenever one egg gets fertilized and then gets split into multiple ones, you are going to have twins, triplets, or quadruplets. According to healthline.com, every woman out of 250 women produces twins naturally.  

You can get pregnant naturally through two major methods that are fraternal twins and identical twins. Identical twins are a case when one sperm fertilizes only one egg at a time. Following the fertilization process the fertilized single egg gets split into two parts resulting in twin pregnancies naturally. The child born as a result of this process has the same DNA and similar physical appearances. That means that both are going to be of the same sex I.e, both are going to be boys or both are going to be girls. Overall we can say that according to legit sources online, the probability of having an identical twin is very much low. Only three or four of the pregnancies in every thousand births have identical twins. 

Kids who were born as fraternal twins don't share the same DNA. They can take birth in the form of two boys to girls or rather one boy and a girl. Due to this reason, they don't look like each other & they have different appearances. In the case of fraternal twins, two different sperm cells fertilize two different eggs. Further to this step, the fertilized eggs are implanted into the uterus and after 9 months we can see the two babies are born. The same phenomenon works for multiple babies. Moreover, kids born under the fraternal twin process have nothing in common apart from their age. 

Follicle-stimulating hormone level rises after you cross 30 years of age. It further increases your probability of having multiple babies. There is another concept of genes that means that there are some individuals who are inherently closer to hyperovulation. Apart from this, taking more dairy products daily & medications meant for boosting fertility increases your chances of hyperovulation. Even one of the 1977 studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine states that stopping bird control might also be a reason for getting multiple pregnancies.

Key Takeaways 

Hyperovulation is one of the methods of giving birth to multiple babies at once. In such cases, more than one egg gets released during the ovulation process. Each of the released eggs gets fertilized. Hyperovulation or multiple pregnancies has been increasing a lot in the past few years. All has been possible due to the fertility treatments available to take care of women. Although there is no single pill made so far that promises multiple pregnancies for a woman. But as I said previously every case of women is going to be different. Current health conditions are going to affect your upcoming pregnancy a lot so it's better to get connected with the gynecologist or any recommended doctor who can help you out with the right remedies to get better fertility options for the future.  

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