When is the best time to get pregnant after your period?

 When is the best time to get pregnant after your period?

Many women get perplexed by the idea of whether their menstruation cycle gets conflicted with fertility. Trying for pregnancy just after your menstruation cycle has been completed is considered to be a false idea. But it isn't true in reality certain women can get pregnant just after the completion of their menstruation cycle. Doctors recommend the penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex instantly after your menstruation cycle is finished. It can lead to Fruitful results very often if done correctly. So you just need to have a clear understanding of the right period of the cycle fertility window and you're entirely willing to be more sure about your trial of getting pregnant. Else you will be trying one after the other but you will not be able to succeed in this matter. 

Grasp all the necessary and mandatory knowledge beforehand so that you don't have to face repercussions of problems for the furthermore in the life ahead. To understand more about this concept in detail & to do so, you need to get in touch with a specialized doctor from the relevant field so that you can get enough knowledge face to face that can eventually help you in this process of getting pregnant.

Ovulation plays a very vital role in understanding whether or not you can get pregnant just after your periods are complete. 

Women can also take the help of an ovulation predictor kit that is available from any nearby Chemist store, pharmacy, or Supermarket. It will help you understand your ovulation cycle in the best possible manner. If the result in that kit turns out to be positive then it is likely to mean that your ovulation is going to start within 24 hours to 36 hours immediately. In this article, you are going to get well-versed in the notion of whether or not you can get pregnant just after completing your menstruation cycle.

How many days after the woman's period can she get pregnant?

Although it's been considered by doctors and researchers that there is no safe time that you cannot or maybe in a good position to get pregnant just after your Menstruation cycle has finished. If you are having unprotected sexual intercourse then it's highly likely that you can conceive at any point in time whether during after or before your menstruation cycle starts or ends. Having said so, there is a concept of fertility window that exists in the life of a woman where there are higher chances of conceiving a baby while getting pregnant as during that period the chances are 80% or more of quality egg production & its fertilization. Before deeply going into this concept of pregnancy, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the menstruation cycle its starting date and the ending period. Once you understand this concept then you need to be very much knowledgeable about the concept of the fertility window. 

The fertility of a woman is maximum during the period of ovulation. It is that period during which the eggs get released from the ovaries inside the female's body. All the women who have very regular periods like a lot say after every 28 days, there are higher chances of ovulating on the 14th day. And the probability of conceiving by those women is between the 11th day and the 14th day. For a woman who has a Menstruation cycle of almost 24 days her ovulation period starts between the 10th day and her fertility is addressed to be at an optimum level between the 7th day and the 10th day. Whereas the other women who have a  menstruation cycle of 35 days or longer, are mostly going to experience fertile days on the 18th or 21st day. So we tried to explain through this direct concept of fertility day just to make you aware that after analyzing a Menstruation cycle deeply you will be able to understand what is your convenient fertility Window. And accordingly, you can proceed with the trial of having sexual intercourse with your partner regularly to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Ovulation is that period of the month when the chances of getting pregnant by a woman are at a higher level. The chances of getting pregnant just after you complete a menstruation cycle or a period are very minimal yet it's possible for most women. According to the researchers, it's been proved that the sperm can sustain in the female's body for up to 7 days I.e, a week once they both have intercourse. So I believe we cannot stay in a restricted timeline of when you can get pregnant just after you finish your first period. It can be 2 days, 5 days, 10 days, or a week, or even take months to get pregnant. Everything is going to depend on the health of a woman and the ovulation cycle.  So ideally if a woman ovulates early then she might get pregnant just after completing her first period.

Key Takeaways 

If you try having sexual intercourse with your partner regularly there are high chances of getting pregnant in the shortest possible time. However, if you're planning to have control of your pregnancy after getting a period then you need to have a backup plan associated with your pregnancy and sexual intercourse period. Although it's likely to get pregnant through unprotected sex and the direct penis-in-vagina method if you are planning to conceive a child after your period is over. 

Moreover, a doctor will recommend you have a healthy lifestyle in terms of exercising daily, doing yoga, meditation, and eating good fruits, and food so that you can stay stress-free and capable enough of getting pregnant. Although there is no timeline proved by doctors that just after the completion of your menstrual cycle you can get pregnant. It can be done immediately or might take months to come. We recommend you stay in touch with a highly experienced gynecologist to get a better experience.

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