How much does tummy tuck surgery cost in India?

 How much does tummy tuck surgery cost in India?

Tummy tucker surgery has been a lifesaver for many women as everybody wants to have a flat tummy without any fat in it. There are several experienced doctors in India that help all men as well as women with this kind of surgery. There can be many reasons behind going ahead with tummy tucker surgery by men as well as women. But the most common reason of all the reasons is to improve their abdominal profile and look flat from the front end. Although there can be individual motives for every person behind going ahead with this type of surgery. In this article, we are going to learn about the cost that gets incurred while going ahead with tummy tucker surgery. 

Cost of Tummy Tucker Surgery in India 

Understanding the cost of tummy tucker surgery has been the biggest question among so many women in India. Well, the approximate cost of this Tummy Tucker surgery in India lies between 80000 to 150000 rupees and is subject to vary according to the locality, doctors,  hospital, experience, and other privileges provided by the surgeon. Cost is surely going to look different for different cities or states of India. Whereas, if you wish to take this ahead from outside the country, then your charges are going to be at quite a higher price. This type of surgery is also known as mummy makeover surgery when it is done for women and is also known by another name which is abdominoplasty. And, the process of surgery aims to tighten the muscles of the patient's abdominal area and to remove the excess fat from that area. As a result, the patient gets a very flat and cool-looking tummy where all the excessive skin tissues and other substances are eradicated from that field. It also involves the stitching process where all the muscles of the abdomen of the patient are stitched to give it a natural look. 

What factors are there that influence the cost of tummy tuckers surgery in India? 

Numerous factors out there decide the cost of a tummy tucker surgery. Let's understand all of these factors in the below section in detail -

  • The type of tummy tuck used by the doctors can highly impact the cost of the entire surgery. There are two types of tummy tucker. One of them is a mini tummy tuck and another one is a full tummy tuck. The overall cost incurred in the full tummy tuck is relatively higher as compared to the cost incurred in the mini tummy tuck. It is so because in the case of the full tummy tuck the tightening of muscles is there for the abdomen & it requires a lot of effort from the surgeons. In the case of the mini tummy tuck, the operation is performed only in the lower part of your abdomen hence reducing the time & effort of the surgeon.  

  • The other factor that would decide the cost of the surgery is the hospitalization and entire hospital-related expenses. It comprises amenities, OT costing, meals costs, infrastructure, room rent,  medical care, surgery care, nursing fees, and overall care quality. In case the patient is required to stay in the hospital for a few days or say at least a week then in that case the number of days he stays in the hospital, his charges are going to be based on that only. 

  • The current profile of the patients also plays a major role in deciding the overall cost of your tummy Tucker surgery. It is because every patient is different and the goals that he is expecting out of the treatment. Plus his existing health conditions are going to be completely different from other patients. The height, weight and existing body condition, muscle tightening required, muscle excision needed, and the total fat that has to be removed from the abdomen of one patient is completely going to be different from other patients. Henceforth, the more effort your surgery requires the more cost is going to get incurred to fulfill your desired goals.  

  • The fees of the anesthetic and the doctor is also included in your surgery. It's again going to vary as per the hospital and locality and the experience of the doctors. And it's advised to approach the most experienced doctor having a hospital in a very good locality to get desired output. But in such cases, your entire surgery cost is going to be on a bit higher note but the best part is that the more experience the doctor has the more chances are there to give you the desired results. To accomplish this surgery, we recommend you not to compromise by any means on your cost part by approaching the less experienced doctor as it might affect your abdomen and the final results.  

  • Several additional costs might incur as a part of your entire surgery process. This cost includes your garment price, post-surgery care, medication charges, and follow-up consultation costing. Also note here if the patient wants the additional kind of treatment, along with the tummy tuck surgery then obviously the cost is going to get a bit higher. But these are miscellaneous expenses and are completely in your hands. If you want it to be done along with your treatment then obviously it's going to be there if you don't want it then you don't have to pay for it. 

Key Takeaways 

Tummy tucker surgery is the best surgery known to remove the excess skin tissues and unwanted fat from an abdomen. The cost might vary based on various factors like location, doctors' experience, and additional stuff. Although the common cost of all is between 80,000 to 50,000 INR. Moreover, it can leave some scars and swell for a time being. You need to understand all the guidelines provided by the doctor to have a safe post-surgery outcome. Take all medication and other supplies in time to remove the swelling and to better your health. 

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