What is the tummy tuck procedure and how is it performed?

   What is the tummy tuck procedure and how is it performed?

Tummy tuck surgery is also known as abdominoplasty and is one of the most popular kinds of surgery in India. This cosmetic surgical procedure helps to improve the overall appearance of your abdomen and make it look more refined. Moreover, after the surgery, the size and shape of your tummy also get widely improved making it look very pleasant and natural. Like every other surgery, this surgery also has its pros and cons so that means you need to take care of both sides before you go ahead with this kind of surgery. Apart from this, there will be some habitual things that you need to make changes to as recommended by your surgeon to make sure that the surgery is giving only fruitful results. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the meaning of tummy tucker surgery.  

What is Tummy Tucker Surgery? 

Tummy Tucker surgery or abdominoplasty is a type of surgery done on your abdomen area to remove excess skin tissues and fat from that field. Sutures are used in this process to tighten the connective tissues inside your abdomen. Your skin area of the abdomen part looks more toned as the leftover skin gets repositioned in a new direction after the surgery. The tummy tucker surgery gives you confidence making you look slimmer and boosting your overall body image. 

In those cases where your lower abdominal wall or let's say your belly button area has a lot of fat accumulated in it or excessive skin tissues are there then you should go ahead with this type of surgery. Moreover, it also corrects a problem of poor elasticity as well as the weakening of connective skin tissue by tightening the weaker fascia. You may feel the need of going ahead with this tummy tucker surgery in case you are pregnant or have gone through C-section surgery, due to an aging factor, excessive weight gain, or due to your natural body shape. 

The best part of Tummy tucker surgery is that it also removes the stretch marks and scars from your belly button area although all the parts except this area, the surgery would not remove any stretch marks. This type of tummy tuck surgery can also be done along with your breast surgery. Although this type of surgery is not meant for everybody, your doctor or any other healthcare specialist is going to warn you about the pros and cons of this surgery. There are various instances when the doctor will give you a heads up about the surgery as it might collapse in the nearby future if the following things apply to you

  • Planning for pregnancy in the nearby future 

  • Too much addiction to smoking

  • Having motives for losing your current body weight

  • If you have gone through abdominal surgery before and have gotten scars from there

  • If the body mass index value is more than 30

  • If you're undergoing serious chronic ailments such as diabetes or heart disease

How is the preparation for tummy tucker surgery done? 

You're going to have several meetings and consultations with the doctor & surgeon and that plastic surgeon are going to review your entire case and will advise you based on your case. In your first meeting, the following things are going to happen -

  • Medical history review: In this case, the doctor is going to ask you various questions about your current and as well as past medical health conditions. So if you have ever had any sort of allergy to medications or any sort of chronic illnesses he is going to talk about that as well. The doctor is also going to ask you about the surgeries you have had so far and you need to give a detailed explanation about whatever part of your body you had the surgery on. It will help the doctor to conduct the next surgery in the best possible manner. If your motive behind going ahead with a tummy tuck surgery is to have a weight loss or a flat tummy then of course then the surgeon is going to put up all the questions related to your weight loss as a weight gain journey.

  • Physical examination and understanding your expectations: The doctor is going to conduct a physical examination to understand your case and to help you with all the possible options for your surgery. Doctors will also click images of your entire abdomen field for keeping track of records of the medical cases. Moreover, he is going to understand your motive and the goal behind going ahead with the surgery & whether you want to have weight loss or whether you want to have a flat tummy, or if you want to remove stretch marks or scars. If you have done any abdomen-related surgery earlier, your results from tummy tuck surgery might get affected. 

Key Takeaways 

Your abdominal area might look slim and more appealing by going through the tummy tuck surgery as it removes excess fat and skin tissue from that area. The best part is that it helps to strengthen your abdominal wall making it completely fit and fine. All the doctors will advise you to maintain a stable & healthy weight so that you can have the benefits of the results you have got from the tummy tuck surgery in the long run. You will be provided with certain guidelines regarding your do's and don'ts before the procedure and after the procedure. You need to follow all of them to ensure the success of the tummy tuck surgery. Give a full stop to your smoking habits and make other changes as recommended by the doctor. You would not feel any pain during the entire surgery because you will be under anesthesia. Once the surgery is completed, if you face any complications or irritation in that abdominal wall area, then we recommend you to directly get in touch with the doctor and get it treated as soon as possible.

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