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Maintaining its position as a developed country and superpower for many years, the United States of America has been on everyone’s list to visit. One of the toughest and most tedious visa processes in the USA makes it difficult for many people to make it there. Even a student visa is tough to achieve for many aspirants. After receiving the visitor's visa, which holds a validity of up to 10 years, one can plan a trip to the USA accordingly. The country is an amalgamation of top-notch city life and serene nature life with 6 different time zones. It depends solely on the visitor’s choice of destination, whether he or she is going for rejuvenation by the beach or in the woods or prefers well-equipped, bustling city life. 

Here is a list of the best places one can travel alone when in the USA. For a nature lover person, the USA offers a bunch of options like relaxing on the Miami beach, hiking in the Grand Canyon, and watching the clear night sky where the milky way is visible. The national parks and state parks of the USA offer stay within the permitted territory to visitors. Here one can enjoy the campsite, bonfire, hike around, get a chance to know about the tribal area and people residing there, stay in a tent or recreational vehicle like a caravan, etc. 

The country is a clear demarcation of city life and countryside. The outskirts of the city have huge farms of apples, cherries, etc where travelers can try picking activities like apple picking, cherry picking, etc. as much quantity as they want. The country is gifted with nature’s beauty like beaches, mountains, volcanoes, hot geysers, glaciers, etc. It is a one-stop destination for travelers who visit the country, they have plenty of options and places to discover. The vast coastline is a hub of tourists throughout the year, most of them prefer the summer season or fall season between august to October, so that they can enjoy it to the fullest. The Bahamas are a hotspot for travelers as the scenic beauty, weather, stay, adventure sports, etc are still intact. One can always rent a yacht or join a cruise heading towards the island.

The developed country of the USA has reached its zenith in almost every possible sector, from transportation to connectivity, no individual has to worry when they are stuck in an unknown location. The GPS system, police force, and transportation are some of the strongest points of this country and the reason behind millions of visitors arriving every year. The huge country offers multiple options for transportation as well, the flight tickets across the country are feasible for even students. Travelers who prefer to discover the entire country from the east coast to the west coast in leisure and have abundant time usually prefer bus rides and train rides. Road trip from the east coast to the west coast has become very common. 

The country offers many rental options for travelers while they are on a trip to different parts of the USA. visitors can rent luxurious cars like Rolls Royce, and Lamborghini to private jets, choppers, and cruise while traveling. The country is upgrading in form of fuel too, it has shifted to environment-friendly electric vehicles keeping in mind the sustainable development goals of the United Nation. 

A solo traveler who is interested in discovering the city life, and architecture and knowing the history of the country has a bucket full of places to visit across the USA. The capital of the USA, Washington DC holds immense importance for every citizen in the country as it marks the victory, sacrifices, and braveness of the past leaders. The white house is one of the architectural masterpieces standing tall and strong in the heart of the city. 

The city which is most famous and featured in almost every sitcom is New york city. The times square, the limited editions of luxurious brands, the city life, phenomenal infrastructure, etc. wins every visitor's heart. Other architectural marvels can be seen in New Jersey, Chicago, San Fransico, Michigan, etc. the developed country has made every city very efficient and easily accessible. The one visiting the country will be fascinated by the tech giants and nature points in the Seattle region. The place is home to Google, Amazon, and many mammoth tech companies of the world. 

One of the prime reasons for travelers to visit the USA is the presence of Universal studios and Disneyland. The country has these theme parks in different cities, which makes them easily accessible to everyone. 

Whenever a travel enthusiast is planning to visit the USA, the most favorable time would be from August to October month which is also known as the fall season. The name is given particularly because the trees change color from green to yellow and orange, and the transition is a must-watch and rarely seen phenomenon. Travelers should feel less burdened while traveling to the USA in terms of an accurate location system, like-minded people, multilingual culture, and global ethnicity. 

As a travel enthusiast and woman, I always plan my trips that are budget-friendly, involve adventure sports, discovering local cuisines, and rejuvenation stays. The ICHHORI website is a source of inspiration to many women who wish to discover a lot of things, spreading awareness and equality through words. 

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