A country is marked safe in terms of a strong police force, robust tracking system, grievance redressal mechanism, fewer crime rates, and aware and educated citizens. The European countries have been bagging the title of happiest and safest countries for females for many years. These countries maintain the position due to less usage of weapons and a more educated public. This helps the country grow in every aspect and attracts tourists all throughout the year.

Everyone from toddlers, to teenagers to senior citizens, etc., likes traveling, etc., even though the destination is a beach around their residence. Traveling is linked with rejuvenation, it brings back life to the monotonous work and energizes every individual. It's always a matter of concern when traveling to a totally new country, especially solo travel. 

There are many things to be concerned about when a woman is traveling to a new country. These include visa process, flight prices, amicable stay, woman security, proper network connections, etc. 

As a travel enthusiast and woman, I always plan my trips that are budget-friendly, involve adventure sports, discovering local cuisines, and rejuvenation stays. The ICHHORI website is a source of inspiration to many women who wish to learn many things, spreading awareness and equality through words. 

Marking its place as an engineering marvel, the small country has huge wonders within its territory. The Arabic country of Dubai has made its place a dream destination for almost every age group. The marvelous architecture, the suitable weather, the tight airport security, and the police force have made it a 365 days tourist destination. There is a clear amalgamation of Arabic culture and western culture seen in Dubai, in terms of its architecture, infrastructure, cuisine, etc. due to the influx of millions of tourists and migrants every year. 

The city is totally safe for solo female travelers due to the presence of women police, and tight CCTV security, there is nothing to be feared of when in Dubai, the city offers severe punishments for sexual harassment, catcalling, etc. Being a part of the Asian continent and under the Royal Family, Dubai has developed immensely over the past few years from a merely oil-dependent country to a massive tourist attraction spot. 

A few things to keep in mind while traveling to Dubai are that you will have to purchase a new sim card for the time period you are staying, there are certain apps like WhatsApp that do not work, and there is a system of VAT payment on things you shop in Dubai which is usually for the citizens but the traveler can get a refund on the airport. 

When the whole itinerary is well prepared, it becomes less tedious in a totally new country. When one is aware and educated about the norms and regulations, it becomes an easy stay and memorable trip. 

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