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Traveling is liked by everyone ranging from toddlers to teenagers to senior citizens, etc. love to travel even though the destination is a beach around their residence. Traveling is linked with rejuvenation; it brings back life to the monotonous work and energizes every individual. It's always a matter of concern when we are traveling to a totally new country, especially solo travel. 

There are many things to be concerned about when a woman is traveling to a new country. These things include the visa process, flight prices, amicable stay, woman security, proper network connections, etc. 

A country is marked safe in terms of a strong police force, strong tracking system, grievance redressal mechanism, fewer crime rates, and aware and educated citizens. The European countries have been bagging the title of happiest and safest countries for females for many years. These countries maintain the position due to less usage of weapons and a more educated public. This helps the country grow in every aspect and attracts tourists all throughout the year. One of the countries that have set a record for being the safest country and have a place on everyone’s bucket list is the European country of Switzerland. The landlocked, alpine country covered with alps on all sides is the main reason for tourists to plan a Europe trip.

Not only does the country rank every year in the happiness index but also is among the safest country in the world for female travelers. The elegant views of mountains and lakes, the serene beauty of alpine trees, delicious food, and amicable stays have made it a tourist's friendly spot. People who wish to travel to Europe usually go for the Euro Rail option, it is a convenient, pocket-friendly trip that involves the serene scenery of Europe which would be skipped if a flight is taken. The visitors usually board a euro rail from Paris to Basel (a small city in the northern part of Switzerland), which costs them 129 euros and is a 3-hour journey. 

The railway stations of Switzerland also have live tracking and updates of trains to and fro. It becomes hassle-free for female travelers due to the full-proof updates and female-friendly waiting areas in the station. When planning a trip to Switzerland, there are cities which are must visit like Basel, Luzerne, Mt Pilatus, Interlaken, Jungfrau, Lauterbrunnen, Iseltwald, Grindelwald, Zermatt, etc. All these places are safe for solo female travelers in Switzerland. When in Basel, the city’s old heritage tour and old town are must visit. Other than that, the natural beauty of Switzerland has a magic spell on every traveler who is just strolling around or relaxing. 

The swiss pass of swiss public transport is a feather in the cap, which makes it very easy for every female traveler to commute across the country to different parts. There is a 4-hour train from Basel to Luzerne city. It is inevitable for a traveler to try cheese fondue here and take a lake walk. The city offers great spaghetti, and gelato ice creams of all flavors, chocolates, etc. The wooden chapel bridge stands strong since 1400, it is a key attraction of the city. The country can be visited all through the year, but it is necessary to keep a winter jacket, hiking shoes, and umbrella while traveling as the country is majorly a mountain state and a traveler will have the mountain visit in their itinerary.  

Either by ferry or bus, inclusive of the swiss pass, is the ride to Mt Pilates. To reach the top of the mountain, a cable car ride is available, which takes almost 30 minutes to reach. There is a cafeteria built on the top and many adventure spots for everyone. The picnic spot also has a toboggan ride, which is worth trying. 

From a distance of 2 hours from the Luzerne, the city is the Interlaken city, which literally means between the lakes. The small lake city has breathtaking lake views and boat rides, picturesque views, etc. There is a boat ride and bus ride available from Interlaken to Iseltwald village which is also a lake city with beautiful scenery. All these spots have been seen by all of us in Hollywood and Bollywood movies.The highest peak, top of Europe in Europe is in Jungfrau, which is a train ride from Interlaken. The one and half hour ride are mesmerizing due to the presence of mountains on all sides. After many train changes, there is a cable car ride to the top of Europe peak, which is covered in the swiss pass. On the return trip from Jungfrau lies the small village of Lauterbrunnen which has beautiful waterfalls, mountain valleys, scenery, etc.

One of the greatest experiences in the Interlaken village for travelers is the paragliding adventure, flying on top of the swiss lake and between the alps. Boat rides and skydiving are also available for visitors. 

A train from Interlaken takes you to Grindelwald, where the famous first mountain is situated. The place offers many recreational activities and adventures. 

When the travel is well planned and well executed, it becomes memorable. Being in a safe country like Switzerland, with so many activities to do, efficient public transport facilities, and delicious food makes it seamless to travel alone and promotes more solo female travelers. 

As a travel enthusiast and woman, I always plan my trips that are budget-friendly, involve adventure sports, discovering local cuisines, and rejuvenation stays. The ICHHORI website is a source of inspiration to many women who wish to discover a lot of things, spreading awareness and equality through words. 

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