45 Presents for Expectant Women Deserving of Some Pampering


45 Presents for Expectant Women Deserving of Some Pampering


No matter how many times a woman gives birth, raising a child is a full-time job that strains both her physical and mental health. Therefore, she is the one who deserves to be cherished and showered with thoughtful gifts.

Although many expectant mothers have comprehensive baby registries with everything they'll need once the baby is here, there is nothing wrong with giving your friend a gift that isn't on the registry. It's perhaps much more precious because it focuses on the requirements of the expectant mom, regardless of the occasion—her birthday, a baby shower, the holidays, or just want to say "thinking of you."

Uncertain what to buy? Finding appropriate presents for expectant women is not difficult. Gifts that assist relieve the symptoms of common pregnant problems, such as bath soaks or big body cushions, are always welcome. The same goes for comforting labor-related clothing and exquisitely crafted luxury gift hampers to commemorate the significant occasion.

Finding something remarkable doesn't have to cost a fortune either. Less than $25 can still buy heartfelt and opulent gifts for expecting mothers.

1) High-Quality Wood Sonogram-Size Picture Frame

The poignant gift ensures that your favourite expectant mother won't have to reveal the identity of her unborn child, even though she probably can't wait to. Her most recent ultrasound image fits perfectly in the frame, which also bears the sentiment "love at first sight." The ideal present for expectant mums.

2) The Big Fat Activity Book for Expectant Women

The period of time coming up to a pregnant woman's due date is the slowest time of all. Mama is ready for the baby after more than nine long months, but babies have their own schedules. She can pass the time while waiting with the help of this hilarious adult activity book. It is an essential present for expectant mothers.

3) Maternity Pillow

An excellent present for expectant mothers who require support for their backs, knees, necks, and other areas is a body pillow in the shape of a U. It has a removable extension that may be used as a full body pillow on its own.

4) Pregnancy Journal 

A mom-to-be gift guide wouldn't be complete without an 80-page pregnancy journal that offers a wide range of questions to help her remember all the significant achievements and feelings experienced throughout her pregnancy.

5) Mocktail Subscription Box 

This zero-proof cocktail subscription box is available as a monthly option or as a one-time gift that includes all the delectable, fresh ingredients your friend needs to create a lively mocktail at home. Blackberry black tea, rich fig syrup, cardamom bitters, ginger and turmeric soda, as well as a silicone ice sphere form and lovely packaging, are all included in the autumnal "harvest moon" package.

6) Nursing Robe for Mothers

A soft, cushy robe is the ideal gift for a pregnant woman, who will appreciate comfort clothing more than ever. Additionally, the baby can also cuddle up in it.

7) High-Waisted Maternity Underwear

Giving expecting mothers a pair of high-waisted, stretchy underwear is a terrific idea. With a blend of nylon, spandex, and bamboo fibre amounting to 85%, these comfortable and flexible pants give women both comfort and mobility. The higher waistband provides additional support for expanding bellies and provides room for growth both during pregnancy and after birth.

8) My Baby's Letters

Looking for a heartfelt present for a future mother? Look no further. A gift that enables her to capture priceless moments will be greatly appreciated by her. With 100 pages to write on, there will be plenty of lovely, saved moments when she one day expresses her thoughts to her child.

9) Cosmetic Body Oil

This body oil, which is rich in vitamins A and E, lessens the visibility of stretch marks and scars (not that there's anything wrong with that, she's giving life, after all!). Pregnant women should get gifts that will help them feel their best, and this one will help heal pregnancy scars thanks to its potent natural oils.

10) Gift for Mama Tote Bag

This cute purse is the ideal gift to help her enjoy her role as a "mom" a little bit more. Gifts for expecting mothers should accomplish just that. This is not only adorable but also highly useful for her because she will have a lot to tote after she has a child.

11) A keepsake pregnancy journal called Expecting You.

Are you searching for thoughtful presents for pregnant women in your life? possibly your BFF or sister? Try using this blank journal to help her keep track of every detail of her pregnancy. It's a terrific method for her to deal with some of her hopes and worries right now, and it also provides a lovely family heirloom that she can one day share with her child.

12) The Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow.

Without a warm soak after a hard day, no pregnant woman's self-care regimen is complete. To maximise the time for relaxation, add a bath pillow. Expectant mothers will genuinely enjoy this present.

13) Write Now: Letters to My Baby. Later, read. Treasure Always.

Your buddy can fill out 12 prompt letters with memories and wishes for her unborn kid to read while caring for her growing baby. Pregnant women will find it simple to recall this wonderful moment in their lives with presents like these.

14) Pregnancy bath salt with pink stork flakes

As such, gifts for expectant mothers should upgrade their bubble bath with salts that are especially formulated to improve magnesium levels in the body, a nutrient that has been shown to reduce aches and pains. Bath time is not just about getting in your moment of zen; it's also about soothing those aching muscles.

15) Mama sweatshirt

Who among new mothers wouldn't want to let everyone know how things are going? Sometimes the most useful gifts for expectant mothers are just cosy items.

16) Board Book of Safe Baby Handling Advice

For brand-new mums, this amusing book makes a hilarious gag present. If she lacks childcare experience, it will teach her the fundamentals in the most hilarious way imaginable.

17) The Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow.

After spending the day carrying a growing infant, mama merely wants to curl up with a life-size pillow. There's a reason why this cult favourite has nearly 5,000 five-star reviews: It supports her hurting joints and cradles her stomach to help her sleep easier.

18) Maternity support belt Dream Belt

Mom is currently carrying a lot of weight, which will undoubtedly cause damage to her back. This bolstering belly band can be useful. It softly raises and cradles her belly to ease the pressure, and when she's lying down, it provides additional support with two memory-foam pads.

19) Mommy Bee Belly Butter (Pack of 3)

Her skin will stretch and tighten as her tummy expands, which could result in a dry, itchy condition. Her skin will stay hydrated thanks to this hydrating body butter, which also contains nutritious shea butter and vitamin E. It might even prevent stretch marks.

20) Ginger Tummydrops

Early pregnancy is arguably the most difficult stage of pregnancy due to nausea, headaches, and exhaustion. But these organic ginger drops can lessen nausea.

21) Set of the nursing robe, dress, and blanket pouch

Nothing beats changing into comfortable clothing of your own after a long effort. Give this matching pair, which includes a chic robe for the mother and thin swaddling for the child. She'll be able to use it during her hospital stay as well as during numerous late-night and early-morning nursing sessions.

22) Hey Hot Mama Non-Toxic Soy Candle

A special present to make sure new mothers schedule downtime for rest and relaxation in their hectic schedules. These candles come in a variety of aromas, from Gardenia Honeysuckle to Lavender Amber, and are manufactured with only natural, sustainable components. Any mood may be altered with the appropriate perfume.

23) Maintain the Birth Box

This kit includes necessities for breastfeeding and birth recovery, making it a perfect gift idea for first-time mothers who are unsure of what to anticipate on delivery day. Even separate handbooks are available for the new mother and the supporter.

24) Box of desserts

Cravings during pregnancy are no joke. If your friend enjoys sweets, she'll love this gift box, which includes a delicious selection of gourmet delicacies.

25) The Murano

Although flowers are always a wonderful way to wish congratulations to new parents or a pregnant friend, plants keep far longer and are frequently simpler to care for.

26) Petite Nesting Bundle

Mama-to-be will ooh and ahh over the organic bamboo French terry onesie, matching knotted hat, and coconut oil robin's egg soap that is presented in a sweet gift tin.

27) Hatch-to-Hospital Box

Hatch is an expert in maternity clothing that can be used both during and after pregnancy. A T-shirt dress, jersey robe, soft socks, and full-coverage undergarments are all included in this opulent gift package to make the expectant mother as warm as possible throughout her hospital stay.

28) The Doula Deck for New and Expecting Moms

This illustrated card deck from a doula in Los Angeles will assist the expecting mother in incorporating mindful practices into her self-care regimen.

29) Baby Keepsake Collection

An ultrasound photo, hospital bracelet, first tooth, and other important artefacts can be stored and preserved in this stylish organiser, which expectant parents will treasure.

30) Gift Card

A gift card for a meal kit delivery service will be greatly welcomed by preoccupied expectant mothers who don't have the time or energy to prepare meals themselves, especially when the options include delectable dishes like salmon tacos, eggs in purgatory, and lemongrass chicken salad.

31) Beyond the Bump Kit from Honest Mama

Nine months of childbirth? How long until delivery? This luxurious gift box from Jessica Alba's Honest Company, which contains bath salts, organic body oil, moisturising lotion, and baby-safe nip cream, is for your expectant friend.

32) Washable silk eye mask

For someone bearing a big load, sleep can be in short supply. Give the expecting mother a beautiful silk eye mask so she can get some zzz's before her sleep schedule is completely disrupted.

33) A custom spa gift box

Bring the spa to your favourite expectant mother if she is staying close to home in preparation for the baby's grand entrance. With a bar of body and face soap, a bath bomb, a lip scrub, a face polish, and a room spray to set the scene, this gift package has everything she needs to unwind in the tub.

34) Customizable Printable Family Photo

Need a thoughtful present quickly? With her first family portrait, surprise a new mother. This modified version may be printed and framed in a couple of minutes.

35) Slay Like a mother

It goes without saying that being a mother requires a lot of work, but this brilliant book isn't your typical parenting guide. It's a witty, uncompromising manual to assist the contemporary woman to shatter any self-doubt and understanding she's always enough. Anyone can feel empowered after reading it, but expectant women in particular.

36) Gold Mama Necklace with Nameplate

Your expectant buddy will be overjoyed to wear her most significant and recent title: mother. The nameplate, which is 24-karat gold-plated, hangs on one of three sizes of 14-karat gold-filled chains.

37) Superfood Latte Kit

With this wonderful gift package, you can nourish a pregnant friend both within and externally. It contains three turmeric tonics that can replace her regular cup of coffee and improve her skin, immune system, and mood.

38) 10x10-inch grey felt letter board

Who among expectant mothers can resist a good bumpie? (For those who are unfamiliar, that is a bump selfie.) The ideal tool to help your expectant friend keep track of her pregnancy's progress is this gender-neutral letter board. It's ideal for tracking the baby's monthly development throughout the first year, so the fun doesn't end there.

39) Seamless Maternity Bra

Pregnancy causes many women to have noticeable changes to their breasts, and as with all other parts of this joyous time, comfort is essential. These maternity bras are useful in this situation. This seamless bra provides support and shaping both before and after the birth of the baby, making it a useful and long-lasting present.

40) Oh, Slipper

Give her something to ease the pressure on her feet because one of the most prevalent pregnancy concerns is sore feet. These plush slippers will work perfectly, and the bottoms have grips to avoid slippage.

41) Organic Medjool Dates, fresh

According to research, starting at 36 weeks of pregnancy, eating six dates daily may make labour less difficult and shorter. Is there a present that could compare to that?

42) Ultra-soft marshmallow hooded lounger

These cosy loungers, which fall midway between pyjamas and a robe, have Oprah's endorsement.

43) Herbal post-partum pads

Even though it's an unglamorous gift, she'll be incredibly grateful for it after giving birth. The natural and herbal chemicals used to make the pads have a calming "cooling" effect to relieve the pain, cramping, and discomfort that women inevitably feel during the first few weeks after giving birth.

44) Electric heating pad

Any pregnant person will tell you that pregnancy is difficult. The aches and pains associated with a developing tummy may be momentarily alleviated by an electric heating pad.

45) Knit Maternity Active Joggers

Give your pal something that will grow with them. These joggers have drawstrings and are adjustable, making them ideal for expecting mothers.

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